T.I.: NFL Ownership Sucks, Here’s Why | TMZ Sports

T.I.: NFL Ownership Sucks, Here’s Why | TMZ Sports

T.I. says he does NOT want in on Diddy and Steph Curry’s bid to buy the Carolina Panthers … ’cause owning a team ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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tony 'too sweet' swann says:

Tell'em straight T.I., "you will respect this bankroll"?

Bradley Uppercrust III says:

this guy should be worried about what you said and how she did it

Kobe JR says:

TIP money is too short anyway…

Robert Harris says:

Sounds smart. Cogent points.

J E says:

He got the price the price tag on his hat still 👀

Keith Jones says:

Real talk you think you own something but you still are under their rules

GEMJ M says:

T.i is a real coon, trying to sound intelligent.

Armo Jan says:

Why reporting this crackhead

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