Swimming with Turtles in St Thomas | Evan Edinger Travel Vlogger

Swimming with Turtles in St Thomas | Evan Edinger Travel Vlogger

I had an amazing time on a TeamTourist excursion in St Thomas swimming with turtles!
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‘Breathing Lessons’ – Edapollo

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Marauder Crissa says:

AMAZING video, Evan! 😀

tilx // says:

it's actually 'molto bene'

Rhiannon Comito says:

Why should you have to sleep outside? He's the one who has the problem..

Nicole Valecce says:

evan stop the dabbing you have an addiction

olivia the flower child says:

You can tell how much work is put into these vlogs. Keep up the amazing work, Evan!

Ali Jardz says:

those drone shooots

Ruby Gee says:

You boys and your club moves i swear…

Laurel Blossom says:

I went to that same bay and there is a navy seal ecased in the rocks on the right side of the bay

jennatic says:

I really do miss cruises and/in the Caribbean. I've always done family vacations, but it looks so fun to go places with friends.

kjh789az says:

Lovin' the drone zone over the ozone …

Ruby Woods says:

I'm loving these vlogs 👌🏻 they're really good, just hit 400 subs yo let's celebrate xx

Paola V. says:

I really enjoy your vlogs Evan and your editing is everything I love your drone shots

Nina Brockman says:

Mark seems so lonely without Zoe. 😣

Lucie Mobbs says:

Yayy!! Someone finally notices my childhood in the Virgin Islands!!!! I hope you have a great time and I hope you go to Tortola because that's my home!! I'm on holiday now though and I'm soo mad!!! I love you!!

Poppy Hopkins says:

* adds to favourites *

Lucia says:

Is it easy to fly a drone? The shots you get are so amazing and look hella professional 😍

Lottie Gibbons says:


TheBlueCanary says:

I want to have Evan's drone-shooting skills

Ryan True says:

I am so jealous!

Just Tea Covers says:

Did you get a new camera?
Or changed the shutter speed?

Emsachems says:

0:39 My school has a band of those steel drums and I play the same ones as the guy in the far left

Sarah Mullin says:

I love your vlogs makes me want to take up vlogging but my life would literally bore people to death.

Arian Lendez says:

Nice vid dude 🚀

Olivia says:

6:26 i can imagine evan walking in the middle of a dance circle and just pointing at josh with a camera going OOOOOOOOH

Ciara Desimio says:

Very good in Italian is Molto Bene if you still want to know. (Only know because of my Italian teacher)

Jacqueline Marie says:

So am I the only one who said "boop" every time the feather duster thingy retreated into their hidey holes? 2:05 Just me? Okie dokie then.

Emma Spender says:

insane footage Evan. amazing

CherryAnx says:

I love the quality and editing. Much respect

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