The Last Daughter of Krypton takes on the Titan from Tamaran in this week’s ferociously female versus clip! Supergirl is packing super strength, speed, invulnerability and heat vision, but Starfire is pretty strong and durable as well, and she has her red-hot starbolts. Which out-of-this-world heroine will come out on top in this battle of Kara vs. Kori? Let us know in the comments below!

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omer ashraf says:

frank millers dark knight vs batman beyond

omer ashraf says:

cyborg vs batman beyond

omer ashraf says:

tim drake vs damian wayne

omer ashraf says:

redhood vs deathstroke

omer ashraf says:

lobo vs deathstroke

imkluu says:

Do they really think Starfire has any chance against Supergirl unless one of Supergirl's vulnerabilities comes into play?

吳心圓 says:

Starfire wins !!!

Deysi Quinones Rolon says:

Starfire all the way!!! She can hold her own when she fights Wonder Woman so she can totally beat Supergirl.

Massyth H says:

Darkseid v Brainiac!!!!

TNTNinja 04 says:

Damien Wayne vs Nightwing

Sheetal Kataria says:

darkseid vs antimoniter

Logan Brown says:

Solomon Grundy vs Bizarro

princess M says:

and if you haven't done superman v Martian Manhunter could you do that one next please

princess M says:

supergirl all the way she is so powerful she can take down gods like wonder woman starfire doesn't stand a chance

Zoogirlfun whitney says:

Starfire starfire starfire!!!!

Fever Rvvrrg says:

STARFIRE. literally Tamaranian Physiology: Starfire's alien physiology constantly absorbs ultraviolet radiation and converts it to energy.
Energy Absorption: She can also absorb the ultraviolet radiation from other life forms. She once used this application of her power to weaken a group of Kryptonians who otherwise require ultraviolet radiation to maintain their superhuman abilities

Brock Rushing says:

supergirl is the girl of steel, need i say more? #girlpower

Allen Coleman says:

batman can fight all of the bad dc villains

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