Summer 2017 Travel Plans!

Summer 2017 Travel Plans!

Here is an UPDATE to our 2017 SUMMER Travel Plans! We are going to be hitting 20+ parks this summer. Hope to meet you at some of them!



Luciano Alonso says:

Casino Pier's new coaster Hydrus was part of their renovation/face lift after the disaster aftermath of hurricane sandy. consider that your update and fun fact from this fan from New York

Wyn3eu says:

Logan, cool echoes bro!

National Coaster News says:

I'll see you at SFGAM!

Sythe5665 says:

You should put the parks and dates in the subscription so it's easier to access XD I'm lazy.

jokerman2004 rz says:

im comin to six flags on the 16th i wanna meet u

Margie Nowlin says:

I just got out of school too!

Colin LaRue says:

I will be at Quassy, and apparently Cedar Point as well!

Landon Films says:

Can't wait to see you at Holiday World!!!

Joey G says:

I love boulder dash, currently my 2nd favorite wooden coaster behind el toro

rune hedblom says:

come to europe!!! :c

Benjamin Ramsey says:

I'll be in the car all day when you're at carowinds. But I will be at KI on July 11

Cami Kelly says:

Loved the video, Logan! It looks like you are going to have a great time! Btw you will love Holiday World! I went there four years ago and had a blast! Not only is the park very clean, but there's free parking, free soft drinks, great food, great rides, and very friendly staff!

nicken_mcnuggets says:

I might be coming to cedar point on koaster kids day with u guys! I hope I can because its my first time at CP and first time meeting you guys! I've been trying for so long lol but I hope I can make it there's like an 80% chance I can!

vine and mlg video graber says:

hey today is my last day of school

chris irving says:

my last day was yesterday

WorldChanger914 says:

No visit to Williamsburg?? Come on!!

thenasterchief1 says:

Very very very nice to hear indeed Logan!!!!!!!! 😀

Zachary Stewart says:

I just went to great adventure and it was dead crowds but the coasters were running horribly! idk what happened …. kingdaka was SLC bad!

bbash 21 says:

Logan your AWESOME

HorrorPenguin says:

I'm going to meet you at Lake Compounce!

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