Stephen Curry Imitates Other Sports in Toronto!

Stephen Curry Imitates Other Sports in Toronto!

Stephen Curry imitates shot put, a bowling pin, and snapper during pre-game warmups!

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xx BrooklynBiles xx says:

What is up with the title tho

Reiko Reseñas says:

0:23 did curry just tap dat ass?? xD

Az says:

wow people really hating on Steph when he was just being himself. Did he ask for the NBA to record him and upload it. Geez y'all haters need to relax. This world already filled with so much hatred & here y'all come fueling it. And y'all say u want to live in a better world when u yourself is the problem. Also no one forced y'all to click on the video when u could have easily avoided it by scrolling past it. It's really funny how haters watch a video they can easily avoid and then complain about it. SMH

DoubleD4121 says:

Get off the weed Steph.

lloyd hardy says:

He so good at shooting that he be too bored to even do it In pre game ???

Slaymian Killard says:

I swear this is ridiculous. I dont even like Curry but why would you dislike this? Almost a 1:1 Like:Dislike ratio

Edgar J says:

the lastest lol

DY123 says:

Why don't they show OTHER players fooling around? Not just the Warriors!! That's WHY PEOPLE HATE THEM!!

Kemyon Patrick says:

Fr… Don't get me wrong I love Steph but this video is stupid and pointless.

Alberto Cortes-Ortiz says:

Annoying, unfunny shit. hope gsw sweeps reg season and lose in 4 games in the finals.

Mike Lofton says:

Bru had to loose a bet or something… shit funny tho

Shawty Guzman says:

wtf is that niggah doing

Slim Jesus Uncle says:

bitch ass curry fuck you

Nicolas Labarca says:

siguiente vídeo: Stephen Curry cagando

GoldenWarrior7 says:

Good to see an NBA player actually having fun instead of giving attitude.

psychedelicacy says:

lmao just disrupting his teammates as they try to actually warm up

Squidward says:

His skin got darker wtf or is it just me wtf..

Mohammed Belbaisi says:

He's just messing around and the NBA just has to upload it smh

Alexis · says:

What a retarded

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