St Regis Princeville Resort (Kauai, Hawaii): review (SPECTACULAR island)

St Regis Princeville Resort (Kauai, Hawaii): review (SPECTACULAR island)

I will publish my review (with pros & cons) of the St Regis Princeville resort this Wednesday on my blog:

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John Appleseed says:

Haena beach looks amazing! Hawaii is on my bucket list for scenery (maybe not for hotels ;))

vickyb blanchard says:

Hawaii a life long dream that would be nice to go and experience the beauty of the irlend says:

Could you tell me please what kind of camera are you using in this video? Thank you.

Marco Polo says:

We rent a house in Kilauea 15" South of Princeville almost every year–and visit the St.Regis. Not a good idea to vacation with hundreds of other people's children. North Shore of Kauai is the best—but beware—very wet.

BenetClaire says:

St Regis is one of my favorite hotel brand, but this one is really disapointing … I must say that the 5 last minutes are phenomenal…
Overall, an amazing job on all you Hawaii's videos, now my wife is joining me for our Saturday ritual on our large TV screen 🙂

Michael Zens says:

Location might be great and the island has a lot of stunning beauty, but judging the resort by the pictures it looks like very outdated, overcrowded and the breakfast far away from anything you would expect from a five star hotel.

Ian Hamilton says:

You've re-written the book on vlog/reviews of resorts. Sadly, even you could not make this look better. Once a Sheraton, always a Sheraton. A St. Regis this is not.

matthew kluge says:

You really captured some fantastic footage of the island and I am sure this will be something you can look at again , and again .

Karen LaBianca says:

Good job capturing the breathtaking scenery in the last 5 minutes of your video!

Kitty Oskin says:

Thank you for showing this Resort. We were going to go and stay there next year. Now I will be looking for somewhere else. Very run-down old and obnoxious screaming children. Rooms are nothing special. Not my idea of any kind of a vacation.

Anthony Gola says:

lots of Noise in the Video, which camera did you use ? I am assuming its Phone camera.

Banashree Chakraborty says:

Wish You Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

Banashree Chakraborty says:


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