Sri Lanka: travel documentary

Sri Lanka: travel documentary

We just arrived in Sri Lanka and we get on a bus to reach Galle, a colonial fortified town in the south. The bus air con is provided by the doors which are kept always open. We loved at first sight the colorful people and the many tuk-tuks that are around. All Bajaj like the one they we drove in India 10 years ago.

In this travel report, we explore Sri Lanka by bus, train and tuk-tuk. The definition β€œIndia for beginners” is not doing justice to this country. We soon learn, that more than temples and landscapes, we are fascinated by its colourful population

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Editing: Guglielmo Biason & Valentina Vitali
With: Matteo De Bortoli & Yun Kanophkan Sueho

Hits Lab – Experimental
Texdentomusic – Shoegaze Cinema
Endalamar – Travel
Mr Orange Audio – Adventure Trailer
Music 4 People – Enlightened
Music 4 People – A Taste of India
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The Flow Production – Ambient Corporate

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Maleesha Prageeth Rajapaksha says:

Superb….Great… Good Luck all…

Dilan Prem says:

Nice one πŸ™‚

Ishan Sha says:

You guys did good work! But these places are most common tourist places in Sri Lanka…there is another tonnes of very beautiful places to visit..Come again and explore more…Thank you

Ishan Sha says:

Paradise…. green heaven on earth.. I love you sri lanka…miss you soo much…coming back soon

Praveen Sirimanne says:

Genius film making! Nice combination of transitions and the music. I couldn't take my eyes away. God luck guys

Nature In Digital Eye says:

This is a wonderful video about my motherland. Loved watching it and glad that you had fun. Will definitely share this with others. Great work guys. Keep it up and come back again πŸ™‚

mycool videos says:

British Kicked out Dutch and From 1815 to 1948 its the British colonized Sri lanka.

Hashan Ilangarathna says:

I m from sri lanka.woow this one is very beautiful .well done.good luck …..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

adiga azouqah says:

Amazing video.. I'm planning to go travel in Sri Lanka and the only thing scaring me is dengue fever.. can you help me how to avoid it

Naleen Dilruksha says:

Amazing Sri Lanka
beauty episode 1
Travel Kumana with GoPro

shezzlle says:

Its a wonderful documentary. I would like to know, how many days were you there?

Felix Perera says:


Brian Green says:

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Sonja Lee says:

Great video! Very useful in helping me plan my own travels.

HerrRaskolnikov says:

great video guys! Guglielmo sito veneto? πŸ™‚ going to SL in about 2 weeks, looking forward to it. Any recommendations on what to absolutely avoid (accommodations, transportations, touristic places, behaviours, usw)?

David W says:

With gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, cool hill stations, gorgeous golden beaches, rolling tea plantations and delightful coastal villages, Sri Lanka is a joy to visit. However, there are numerous tourist targeted scams to be wary of

Do be wary of the cigarette scam, tea shipping scam, fake gemstones, unofficial tour guides, spice garden scam, visa scam, safari scam, fake disabilities beggar, teacher beggar, place is closed scam, government tuk tuk scam, rogue tuk tuks, rouge taxi drivers, pickpockets and many more!

ED Ranil says:

Beautiful video and Nice documentary. Thanks

Thushara Verhoeven says:

I am going to Sri Lanka tomorrow. Just curious since I'm a photographer: what lenses did you take with you on your cameras?

Thanishmon says:

i wannawork in srilanka, great place…

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