Sports Psychology with Dr. Gordon Bloom and Eric “adreN” Hoag

Sports Psychology with Dr. Gordon Bloom and Eric “adreN” Hoag

In this video podcast, Dr. Gordon Bloom and Eric “adreN” Hoag discuss traditional sports and eSports athletes and the overlapping difficulties facing both.

Bio: Dr. Gordon Bloom is a Professor of Sport Psychology at McGill University who has worked with some of the worldโ€™s leading athletes and coaches as both researcher and applied consultant. Gordon is currently director of the McGill Sport Psychology Research Laboratory ( where he has developed an internationally-recognized research program that is designed to help athletes and coaches achieve personal development and performance success. Gordon consults with numerous high performance and developmental athletes and teams, including several Olympic and world champions, where he teaches them how to use mental skills to accelerate their level of performance in sport and life. Additionally, he has worked with the United States Olympic Committee, Sport Canada, Singapore Sport, the Nippon Sport Science University in Japan, and the KIHU research center in Olympic Sports in Finland. Gordon has been featured regularly on the radio, television, and in the print media. He is a dynamic speaker who provides a variety of applied and innovative workshops and lectures that will help individuals working in high performance and stressful environments reach their potential and achieve their goals.



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I see Walter : o3

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really enjoyed watching this some good tips i gonna try out ๐Ÿ™‚

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2:36 Steel's genetics LUL

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Really good interview. Always nice to see things about interesting topics like this (coming from a non-fan of adreN). ๐Ÿ™‚

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Phenomenal video!

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Thanks adreN and Boomeo, you guys are doing great!

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This is awesome

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Great interview, Dr. Bloom"s work seems very interessting. I wonder if there is actual reseach esport psychology though.

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does Dr. Bloom live in ruben minnesota?

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Havent seen much of Adren lately. Nice to see him again.

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