Sports IQ Quiz! Testing Hannah’s Knowledge…

Sports IQ Quiz! Testing Hannah’s Knowledge…

If you think you know sports take this Sports IQ quiz. Hannah Cranston and Francis Maxwell talk sports. Let us know how you did in this quiz in the comments below.

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Brandon Kent says:

Weird that you have 1.3M "subscribers" yet only get a couple of thousand views per video. By far the lowest ratio of a big channel on YouTube. Such bullshit fuck you guys you fake fucks.

Ben Gussetti says:

As an English massive football fan that offside question was so so cruel XD

Jakob Buck says:

they were pretty easy

Anja D. says:

Hockey has an offside too, but that's not icing, they're two different rules. And hat-trick isn't a soccer-only thing, other sports have them too (like hockey). In fact, the term actually originates from cricket. The more you know… 🙂

stephen Wesley says:

Hannah got more right than i did Have great ? peace ? Hannah and Francis

Sam's Town says:

Love how the first team Hannah thought of when she was thinking of Canadian teams was the maple leafs 😀

timoback3000 says:

Hannah tits are looking perkier

Dark Days says:

Is there a sport that combines the bat from the boring one with the bases (bring your own razor wire) with the music and tailgates of the angry running neanderthals, the sportsmanship and fighting (and drinking) of the ice pond savages and either adds bulls, dirtbikes or debycars? or Explosives?

BL4CK KN1G8T says:

Hannah got the hat-trick question right because she given a few velvet hat-trick in her time.

BL4CK KN1G8T says:

I think this is a new low for Think Tank.

It's fallen so far from where it was.

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