Sports Illustrated Claims Anthem is Bleeding Money and Looking To Sell GFW

Sports Illustrated Claims Anthem is Bleeding Money and Looking To Sell GFW

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Arlo Zarlo says:

NonstopGFN-ImpactPig…….It's still a pig……

D2K Prime says:

This company is the Deadpool of pro-wrestling. No matter how many fatal wounds they receive they just keep…coming…………..back.

Jonathan Turbide says:

Dude that report was proven false days ago, why post this now??

Dark Heel says:

This has already been shot down by Nordholm, but Solomonster like the little mark he is….

jcmuriel12 says:

or sinclair can buy gfw/tna/impact and expand ring of honor same of what wwe did with wcw and ecw

addi543 says:

Virgil may still be looking to buy!

Aces and Spades Entertainment says:

I feel real bad for James Storm

Pugiron says:

If they are losing money that fast they will eventually have to shut it down or go out of business. More than a year is a foolish bet.

Prasan says:

well, that what happens when you invest in tna

kolop1 says:

How can they make money when their house shows fail and they hardly make any money on their show?

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