Sopot Travel Guide | Day Trip from Gdansk, Poland

Sopot Travel Guide | Day Trip from Gdansk, Poland

Come join us for our Sopot travel guide as we take a day trip from Gdansk to visit this popular seaside resort town located on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea in Eastern Pomerania of northern Poland.

Although many come to stay overnight in hotels, doing a day-trip from a nearby city such as Gdańsk might be your best best considering Sopot (Zoppot) is a little pricey in terms of restaurants and accommodations.

How can you spend the perfect day visiting Sopot? Our recommendation would be to to walk along the Sopot pier (Molo w Sopocie), take a boat ride (Pirate ship) and then enjoy hanging out around the main square and market while spending plenty of time at the beach in between ice creams and a leisurely lunch.

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Sopot Travel Guide | Day Trip from Gdansk, Poland travel video transcript:

Today we’re taking you on a day trip to Sopot, a town whose name we hadn’t heard before visiting Gdańsk. Sopot is a beautiful seaside town that sits on the shores of the Baltic Sea, and it proved to be the perfect little day trip. Come join us as we explore the town, take a boat tour of the harbour, and find out what makes this destination a summer hotspot.

Tickets in hand. That was super easy. We got our tickets they were only 3.80 Zloty. Uh-huh. Yeah. That is less than a Euro so we are not spending much to get there. Ready for our day trip and our train is pulling into the station right now.

We have made it to Sopot. And I think the main attraction here it the pier. Uh huh. Isn’t it the largest in Northern Europe? The largest wooden pier in all of Europe. That is the main thing we’re going to do here.

So we made it to the pier and we actually had to buy tickets. You have to pay to go walk on the pier which I didn’t realize you had to do. So it is 8 Zloty per person. Got our tickets.

At 511.5 meters, this is the longest wooden pier in all of Europe, and it’s the one attraction you can’t miss when you visit Sopot.

And look here. There are swans at the beach.

It is a beautiful beach day, the sun is out, blue skies and we can hear seagulls squawking off in the distance. It is just nice to be at the beach oh my gosh. I can’t remember the last time I went to the beach.

Alright, update from Sopot. We came here thinking maybe we’ll spend a couple of hours or maybe half a day but we are really liking it here. Really liking it. This is going to be a full day excursion. Yeah, so instead of just putting this in the Gdansk city guide this is going to be its own vlog. Own vlog. Well as you would know already because you would be watching the vlog but anyways we made a decision at this moment just so you know. We like it.

So Sam found us a Pirate Ship. A proper pirate boat.

That means we are ready to set sails. So we made it on the boat like barely. It was leaving within five minutes from us buying the tickets.

And how much was it? Was it thirty five Zloty?

So today is a really nice day to be out on the water. The waters are so calm it looks like glass.

Now we’re going to explore a little bit more of the pier. And we’ve heard rumors of fish pierogi and we’re hungry.

The restaurant we had read about online doesn’t have fish pierogies. We found it but they don’t have it on the menu so maybe they used to at one point but they don’t right now.

The good news is that they do have baked pierogi and we’ve been wanting to try those for a while so we’ve ordered a whole bunch of like savory ones and sweet ones and we also have soup coming and salad. So it is going to be a really good meal.

So we somehow stumbled on a bodybuilding competition. And everyone looks super tan. Now let’s check out the market.

As you may have noticed there are more people sunbathing than there were people swimming and that is because the baltic sea is refreshing.

That was a very busy outing and I think the verdict is we both loved Sopot.

This is part of our Travel in Poland video series showcasing Polish food, Polish culture and Polish cuisine.

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It's a beautiful pier!

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You guys should go to Plock in Poland.

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Jebac rudego i laske jego

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You both are so cute guys, love your videos! I hope you're gonna visit Gdansk!

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U should go to Malbork <3 Ther is a amazing castle

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You bypassed Toruń. Boo fucking hoooo.

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hey, how do you afford to travel always?

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What a stunning town and what a day to be out on the water! Love all the slow motion shots in this one. Nice video guys! Thomas and Sheena

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Are you still in Poland? Me & Wife would love to be your guides or just meet you. We're from Gdansk. We love your videos. Now by your recommendations we're in Bali & Singapore. But we'll be back soon.

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Sam with that beard is looking as if he is marooned on an island. :-p

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Good night from Manipur ,India.

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