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Quentin Thomas says:

you make really great videos – this is truly a wonderful place and is helping me plan my trip to the Maldives in the next 2 years! There are so many you have done that I can't choose

Jose Agustin Castellanos Vargas says:

soneva jani best luxury resort in the maldives amazing castel

Ben Dixon says:

What happens to all the waste and sewage on site?

dzeep ndlovu says:

I wish to build my own resort one day in Africa…I get a lot of inspiration from your videos….thanks a lot…..this is just beautiful

Goose and Harley says:

my favourite hotel company is seaside hotels. I loved this video and I gave it a like.

Clement Young says:

Now that's what I call Paradise


Perfection !!!

Frankie Hampton says:

What was it like at low tide?

cladglas says:

2X LH MIA-MLE 1st/bus. $36000, 2B/R 6nights $60000, transfer $1600. breakfast is free, though.

Guy-Claude Duvoisin De Soumagnat says:

tres belle video ! quel endroit magnifique ! un hotel vraiement splendide dans un decor de reves situe dans un un paradi entoure d une mer de couleur bleue azur des petits ilots qui respirent le calme la douceur la nature sauvage ! j aimerais decouvrir ce lieu magique dont tout le monde reve mais malheureusement je n ai pas les moyens de me l offrir! mais la chance m a comble de bonheur en regardant cette video ! j ai passe un moment de reve et qui sait un jour je serais la-bas! merci pour celui qui a filme cet endroit magique!

Alex New says:

Great video! I like the slow panoramic shots of the areas around you, it really paints a bigger picture of how nice the views are. Far better then the ones I typically see with shaky cam, one room at a time cuts and terrible information.

prince english says:

TLTE Nice video as always
Great inspiration
Now finished with Maldives right

Khoa Vu says:

too bad it is not 4K video otherwise would be manificent

A.Cristina Fernandes says:

This was dazzling!???Thank you!

zubair malik says:

i liked the music in your video , could you please help me with the music running at 12:00 to 13:00 min

MTRX says:

The villa is bigger than my house!!

Francis Bagbey says:

Apologies for too many messages….any risk of sharks in the lagoon?

Francis Bagbey says:

"Cinema Paradiso", one of my favorite films. Very touching.

Francis Bagbey says:

I can't add any superlatives that others have not already mentioned other than to say I enjoy your videos for their editing and information. Never really thought I'd be interested in the Maldives (too hard to get to, too far from North Carolina) but now that I've seen your videos……Great work! Thank you!

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