Skillet Rocks Marvel Comics | “Marvel’s Playback” Ep. 2

Skillet Rocks Marvel Comics | “Marvel’s Playback” Ep. 2

In this episode of our music-based series, “Marvel’s Playback,” we crash at John and Korey Cooper’s house with the rest of their band, Skillet, for a tour of their impressive Marvel collections and to answer the question: how has Marvel influenced you?

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About Marvel’s Playback:
In this new short doc series, we head to our favorite band and musicians’ homes to check out their Marvel collections, see their studios, and learn about how Marvel comics have influenced their lives and careers.

Director: Jason Latorre
Producer: Adri Cowan
Director of Photography Jason Latorre
Editor: Michael Arginsky, Jason Latorre
Associate Producer: Chloe Wilson
Executive Producers: Dan Buckley, Daniel Fink, Harry Go, John Cerilli
B Camera: Rich Herrera
Sound: Brian Liston
Sound Mix: Jonathan Bickoff
Graphics: Nick Proto
Production Legal: Di Li, Stacy Adelman, Seth Lehman



manhunter 103 says:

why john Cooper, why don't you love image comics, dark and dc comics ?

Dennis Smith says:

Yessss, Skillet!

Manuel David Rendon Acevedo says:

The best video ever, two things I love the most, Skillet and Marvel, so awesome

Manuel David Rendon Acevedo says:

Where can you hear the Monsters Unleashed podcast?

Snazzyaxolotl Art says:


Alyosa says:

i love this guys and marvel this clip you are.That's AWESOME!

Ceren Albayrak says:

All favourites together amazing!!!

Tyler Worsham says:

I love Skillet! These guys are awesome. Comatose is probably my favorite album of theirs. I totally had that Spiderman figure that said "who's your favorite wall crawler?"

HydeKunaga says:

Skillet <3 !!! It's awesome :D!!

Gina Rdz says:

MY FEELS, DUDE extreme fangirling

Omegah TV says:

LOVE the beard, bro! ?

Caelyn Greaves says:

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I LUV SKILLET!!!!!!!!!1

Xzavier Yeo-Lindenschmidt says:

Plz team up and make music for marvel it would be the best !!

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