Seoul Travel Vlog: Part 3 (Subways and Dongdaemun)

Seoul Travel Vlog: Part 3 (Subways and Dongdaemun)

I finally got out to do things! I didn’t take as much video in the malls because I didn’t want to get a ton of people on camera for extended periods of time without consent. But the shopping was awesome! Love a city that lets me be my night owl self.



love btssomuch says:

as a Korean I really want to take u everywhere where u can have so much fun:) also where bts was😎

ChoSaJang KR says:

I think, the Han River is the best place in Seoul. You happen to be near Han River, make sure to stop by Ttukseom(뚝섬). It’s greatness!

박다솜 says:

I really hope you have a nice time in Korea!!! Do you have a plan to visit Korea palace too?

Arimy Loreley says:

Hearing Bts in public ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰!!!! waaaah….

월영 says:

와 동대문에도 가셨나봐요!:)
카페나 길에서 bts의 노래를
들으면 정말 기쁘고 신기하죠ㅎㅎ
예쁘고 좋은것 많이 많이 보고가세요

sinjiz hyunil says:

thanks beauty !!! we support you in korea ~

jinsun lee says:

Im happy to see you^^
You look healthy and so beautiful
Enjoy the rest of your day^^

김재덕 says:


Jy Shin says:


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