Seafood in Japan – Japanese Street Food in Okinawa

Seafood in Japan – Japanese Street Food in Okinawa

GIANT SEA SNAIL, or yakogai, is a specialty in Okinawan cuisine. Watch them being prepared into sashimi and sautéed in a garlic butter sauce.



rajesh kore says:

sale ye Japanese kuch bhi khate hai yaar

rai x says:

do these things not have parasite in it?

rai x says:

french eat snails and thhis is what japanese eat

TomoyaKun100 says:

Where exactly in Okinawa was this filmed? I hope I can find it and try sea snail sashimi when I travel to Japan after graduation

Michael Li says:

I hear a lot of Cantonese in a lot of these Okinawa videos. Is this like a Chinese part of the city?

Fresh Orange says:

I remember that boat…

Books Are Awesome says:

I'm living in Okinawa, and I went to the Naha seafood market. They had some of the largest oysters and shrimp I have ever seen. I also saw a lot of the same animals that were in the video. I'll have to try them when I go back.

ToneyCrimson says:

Are they really going to it raw snail? Arent they like full of parasite?

Zanalia says:

Gorgeous creatures! ❤️❤️❤️

GETREAL! says:

So fucking nonsense to see such a amazing and beautiful creature being so brutaly destroyed for so small amount of flesh. You fucking Asians are going to answer for your brutalities one day…and you wonder why the jelly fish are killing Japanese waterways and damaging their main food source….

Paul Sack says:

1:02 reminds me of my ex girlfriend

Alejandro Carrizo says:

woww that look so good

bruceownsu says:

To Japan,
Fuck You.
~Kind regards – The Sea.

Shoot1ngStar says:

morons complaining about people eating snails lol.

BabYdoLL MoRRis says:

Shit looks creepy and nasty Af. But conch taste so damn good.

Samuel Caban says:

DISGUSTING 💩!!!! all I can say…..some things were just not meant to be eaten…..not by humans anyway ….nasty ass shit😷🤒🤕

Lbolting005 says:

I'm still waiting for a snowflake to cry out, why didn't you kill it first, it has feelings.

Nathlie Andrews says:

it ain't even cooked.

Nathlie Andrews says:

they eat all types of shit

Nathlie Andrews says:

i tell you what if I find out my calamari is pig anus . someone got some explaining to do.

Nathlie Andrews says:

its a live its a live

Nathlie Andrews says:

they are creepy and they are spooky.

Nathlie Andrews says:

is this some sort of mollusk

Alfonse Dente says:

I cant believe this world of sissys and snowflakes has resorted to feeling bad for a snail 🙁

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