SDCC DAY 3 – NEW Justice League Trailer! + Young Justice News

SDCC DAY 3 – NEW Justice League Trailer! + Young Justice News

Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con was in a League of its own. Capping off a spectacular panel in Hall H, Warner Bros. debuted an amazing new trailer for the upcoming Justice League! We also look at the new Injustice 2 character trailer for Starfire, get the goods on Doomsday Clock from Geoff Johns, drop in at the Batman and Harley Quinn premiere for a chat with Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester and wrap things up with a look ahead at the third season of Young Justice.

To watch the full Justice League Comic-Con trailer:

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Mr Meeseeks says:

is it just me or does jason look like hal jordan

Octonic says:

The man himself

Renee M. says:

Looks good but absolutely the most faggoty Flash I have ever seen!

NinjaNed99 says:

Whitney's got a weird tan

KumaSennin says:

Whitney!! I had no idea what she was up to. It's good to see she ended up doing something so awesome!

Ace Gamer says:

the guy at 2:30, why did he freak out

Michael Bregman says:

Please don't tell me that Steppenwolf has annihilated the Amazons and destroyed Themiscrya.

md javed says:

why do you not release your movies in Hindi language in India?

Base God says:

DC is doing all this great stuff now all they need to do is bring green arrow to the big screen because he is awesome

dc comics fanclub says:

Hy guys subscribe to my channel for teen titans season 1 and 2 full hd

Rafael novo says:

I hope you get out at Netflix the season 3 Super Girl or better for 3 and season 2 at Netflix

Tashy 497 says:

that dude in the backround at 2:30 tho XD

MárioVMD says:


Renan Luis says:

Supergirl on Young Justice Outsiders, please Executive Producers!!!

Eric Jones says:

I saw the new Justice League Movie Trailer and it was the best trailer ever

Carlos Alape says:

Suscribete y me suscribo miro tus vídeos y tú mira los mios

kyle _ says:

No shazam book

kevin winata says:

Did i just heard Lanterns and Kryptonians? So Steppenwolf have met Green Lantern before? Or The Lanterns used to protect the world?

Adelfi Faeron says:

Man I wanna be at comicon ;^;

Andre Betita says:

I am noticing a distinctly Superboy-shaped hole in that Young Justice lineup. And that Tim Drake seems to be wearing more black to go with his red. I hope that doesn't mean what I think it means.

King Superman says:

Cannot wait for Doomsday Clock. REALLY hope Johns comes back and writes an on-going after Doomsday Clock is finished. Glad Lemire is back at DC as well, can't for for The Terrifics. Plastic Man HYPE!!!.

Trevor Brown says:

That justice league trailer was so dope

Just A Lonely Mudkip says:

Young Justice starts at 4:59

Jeffrey Jitsuparp says:

Please bring Kidflash back!!!

TheSoulCollector13 says:

"It was an accident" okay Damian what?

Shock Vox says:

It's a good trailer…but I only have one problem with it: any line about Superman. It's almost perfect, and unlike the last trailer I'm actually a little hyped to see my second favorite comic team on the screen finally (1st is pre-New 52 Teen Titans). However…because of how Superman has been handled in those two films, I don't buy anything the voice over said about him. How the world is mourning him…yet we see people hanging and burning dolls with his symbol. How he showed people to be better, yet he doesn't really have scenes where he actually does that, we see him save people in montage, but that's not enough. The MoS theme remix is beautiful, but it's wasted because Superman himself was wasted.

Chris H says:

I am still waiting for an announcement of details for the streaming service. I even did an article on how I would program the network for a 24 hour schedule:

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