Sam Chui 2018 Interview – Top Travel Tips and Life Update

Sam Chui 2018 Interview – Top Travel Tips and Life Update

Sam Chui latest 2018 interview.

I’ve shared important update of my life, my Youtube evolution, airline marketing and give tips on how to get an upgrade. I also shared my advice to my youth audience.

Last, I’ve answered some of my fans questions. Hope you enjoyed the interview.

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Joseph Wong says:

Sam congratulations on your change, you have given me fresh hope that one day I can leave my job in the hospital to pursue something I love ! all the best

lenny108 says:

awesome flight simulator

007inDubai says:

Amazing video 👌🏽

Ankush Maji says:

We will glad to see you in INDIA

Bob Bisset says:

Congratulations on your retirement, wishing you lots of flights and happiness

Ognjen Milosevic says:

Sam, hope to catch you on some airport around the world! In the meantime, you are welcome in my home in Belgrade, Serbia!

P.s. Thank you for inspiring me.

zulqarnain shahid says:

very good sir

ahmed fayaaz says:

wow sam.That was the most beautiful pilot i've ever seen.she is too hot to be a first officer.

EtihadFuries YT says:

Sam you should fly air astana

Philip Robertson says:

Is Iraq and Afghanistan in your bucket list?😕

Carlo Bien says:

Hi Sam, are you planning to do a raffle to your subscribers someday and the winner will join you flying? 🙂 maybe that's a great idea and content to your videos.

ricky adam says:

And also Indonesia Jakarta mr Sam

ricky adam says:

Really good to see your vid sam, i really want to have job like you

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