Saengmin’s Veteran : Kim Dongjoon (with GFRIEND Umji) [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.04.10]

Saengmin’s Veteran : Kim Dongjoon (with GFRIEND Umji) [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.04.10]

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Айнура Оразбекова says:

Umji is such a beauty! I'm glad to se Dongjun, such a nice charming guy

john carloo says:

im new to gfriend and i find umji really pretty. she seemed to have loosed weight here ? shes even more pretty but i prefer umji in glassbead era shes such a cutie

Haruka Reix says:

anyone please tell me what variety show DongJun in with Han gain husband !!jeabal yoo??


I love this part 2:54 because Umji is so cute

[LoveShu] Present says:

Umji & Yerin & Sowon my bias but Umji is more of a kind that I like the most she's so cute and pretty from the beginning she start to become a singer and dancer

sky park says:

umji is beautiful no matter what!

Coco Van says:

Umji so cute

uGotTheJams says:

both Dongjun and Umji are so cute ♡ I want to keep them in my pocket ㅠ

ho zhong hng says:

poor thing… hopefully ze:a pull through and get a no. 1 song soon

Adlina Farhah says:

Does anyone know what show did he mentioned about doing it together with Han Gain's husband?

Elgine Tamang says:

pogi nya …

snowflake contrail 06 says:

Umji is adorable and so pretty

T̶e̶a̶s̶p̶o̶o̶n̶ Mouthful of Suga says:

damn Dongjun is so good looking

yogki andreade says:

Umji so damn pretty??

Mangotropolis says:

This is a weird interview. It's most likely scripted. I don't mean to burst the bubble, I'm just truthful. Umji seems uncomfortable with it. : I can't be the only Buddy feeling this way. Umji hwaiting! ♡

Mary Music365 says:

why dose he reminds me of eunwoo

sunnysew1 says:

why is everyone talking about the girl??? isn't this video about dongjoon???


Gfriend is known as a group that are humble!

Dria B says:

Can I have Umji as the star in a detective drama please :3

Tin Yan Poon says:

please shine, Dongjun!!!~

Lala Bella says:

Dongjon was handsome. i miss him for singing and dancing

Lala Bella says:

see this makes me miss ZE:A

Lala Bella says:

haha umji was really cute ??

Jessa Duclayan says:

Is she really 20 years old? I'm 18 and she's younger than me in months only , how come she became 20 years old in korean age? Isn't it supposed to be 19?

Sarah Anton says:

Dongjun you always be my number 1??? I hope to see more from you and from Z:EA❤❤❤❤❤❤

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