Sachin’s Farewell – Full Speech! REACTION

Sachin’s Farewell – Full Speech! REACTION

Today on Sports Reactions – Sachin’s Farewell – Full Speech!

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s t s says:

who are these 13 annoying ****morons who disliked sachin

Edison Manuel says:

Hi bro, awesome vid…only one complaint…please don't be mean to your lovely lady

Subroto Maitra says:

Love you guys, very genuine hearted…….. Thanks from India, and we love the Caribbean over here….especially cricket….love you.

Jai Bhagwan says:

Hi SR, If you don't know all about " "Sachin" request to both of you stop ha ha ha ha in this video. ? only for sachin…

Siddharth Gupte says:

Best Cricket Player in the world.

M4st3rm1nd says:

Thank you guys for appreciating the GOD of cricket!

Legends Official Page says:

Please react to
"Cristiano Ronaldo – I am legend"

Ayankit Saha says:

Not only 24 year..
He is the GOD of cricket..

Arjun V says:

You should understand two things here, I'm a fan of his and he plays in such a way that gives you so much happiness. I'm a fan of cricket and I consider him as my one of the great reason of my happiness. And the other thing, that crowd is standing after the match. Not a single person left when the match is finished. All 50k people stayed just to hear this. I know it was boring for you but for a billion people it was sad. And ofcourse it doesn't mean you've to respect him, I'm just trying to make you understand the ground reality.


i love sachin more than his cricket, i'm missing sachin everytime when indian team play any type of Match

Mayank Sharma says:

I just want to delete that sad moment from my life when I realised that he will no longer be playing for India …☚ī¸

Rohit Sonone says:

He was best cricketer in the world for his longetivity and consistency alone,add to that such a rare talent at such young age child prodigy,which we know child prodigies usually fail to do.
He was rare mixture of godly talent and unbelievable hardwork and add to that his attitude which was top notch on and off the field,which is also rare in case of these mavericks.
All in all he is role model for every middle class person who aspires to do something ambitious with his life.He comes from a suburban middle class family,his father was a teacher and a writer.
In India we have lot of different religions,languages,classes,skin tones,beliefs and whatnot,with this comes difference of opinions,communal tensions and lot of different things you can't even imagine.With this in background this man could only be one icon across nation who penetrates through all these differences,he is Mike Tyson,Michael Jackson,Michael Jordan,Undertaker embedded into one for India.
There may be cricketers who may have or will play better shots than Sachin,may be ranked best cricketers in their time,but Sachin's importance to game itself can't be undermined enough.
India which is playing test cricket from 1930s have played some 400+ test matches,out of these 400 Sachin has played 200 which is a statement in itself.
When Sachin started playing in 1989 India was at its lowest point economically as well as cricketing wise. He single handedly made cricket what it is in India.His rise ran parallel with India's rise as a economic powerhouse,very big chunk of money came his way and rightfully so.He is admired for not taking part in match fixing which took place in 90s in which lot of big names around that time were involved in around world.He was only big name remaining in India around that time,team was built around him from ground up.
India is a powerhouse in cricket now,it dictates game now all thanks to one man.
Only failure in his cricketing career was that he didn't turn out to be good captain,but he played under many juniors of his never flexed his muscle around,all in all he was a great team man,great human being.
He's almost like a great hero character you would build for a novel and could do nothing wrong,but he's that.He's that exception that proves the rule.
I hope you read it all.

Hry Singh says:

and if you dont then do not joke … do you know who he is. He is present indian criket team Captian.

Anupam Dixit says:

Lovely..Superb..awsome….#respect for reacting to this… SACHIN IS THE GOD OF CRICKET 🙂

Neeraj Diwakar says:

he is not a god ofcricket in india only he is the god of cricket in the world and he is not only best cricketer in india but he is a best player in world. And and every ball which he played each every run he scored each and every "0" he socred each and every 50s, 100s, he scored is a world record in cricket history. He is the 1st cricketer in Men's Cricket who scored 200 in an one day international (50 Over= 50*6=300 balls) match.
He is really a God of Cricket who gave his almost half life to play for the country and we the people of The India love him and always wish for his wellbeing…



You're* says:

Man all the indians sucking his dick in the comments makes me cringe

Sumit Singh Thakur says:

Why Anthony why?
Why do you like tears in my eyes? ?
Why do Cricket legends have to retire!!?

Lover of Movies says:

As a professional cricketer with tours to england, australia, south africa and matches in India the season lasts for months and they have to travel in and out of several hotels so its hard to keep up with his family life.

Ayush Shukla says:

Ah..! I cried again. I am a boy , man. Sachin … Sachin.

rasa saba says:

hey why dont you react to sanga's farewell speech too, a far better orator than sachin and definitely equal if not superior in terms of cricketing ability

Mayank Sharma says:

wtf it made me cry once again..???

Blessen Varghese says:

I was there watching this Live in the stadium. It was surreal, guys! There was hardly a soul in the stadium, who did not have tears in their eyes, during and after the speech. Good thing that I had my shades on, and nobody noticed my wet eyes! And the moment where everyone started shouting his name "Sachin Sachin" was so spontaneous, as it always have been in India whenever he was on the pitch!

You should probably watch & react to the 'farwell lap' they gave him around Wankhede. I was told by my friends watching on TV, that Harsha Bhogle's commentary was like 'poetry' when that happened.

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