RV Travel To Oceanside California – Paradise By The Sea RV Park – Pacific Ocean – Oceanside RV Park

RV Travel To Oceanside California – Paradise By The Sea RV Park – Pacific Ocean – Oceanside RV Park

Full Time RV Living / RV Travel Videos/RVerTV Oceanside Ca, Pacific Ocean, Paradise By The Sea RV Park, Oceanside RV Park. Traveled to Oceanside California for a video production for the TV Show RV With Me. Part one of a tow part series including Oceanside Pier,Oceanside Harbor and Oceanside Downtown

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Richard Bohling Sr says:

Bring your swimming suit and get wet. Looks like a fun place to stop and visit.

david jeffrey says:

The railroad tracks are not the metro link, its a trolley that only run during the day. No noise at night.
The rv. park across the road is closer to the metro link.
Nice video

SKPjoe Coursegold says:

one of my favorite places to hang out last year.
i boondocked for 3 nights.

RV Mohr says:

Hey Russ. Cool to see Ocean side rv again. Stayed there for 2 months in summer 2013. Had a great time there. We went to East shore rv park in San Dimas after that. It`s out by the L.A. fairgrounds.Pomona raceway. The rv show is there also every fall. SEE YA OUT THERE!!

hogcat says:

Russ I am a half hour east. Got 25 acres you can park on free for a few days if needed. Free electric and water and dump.

Peace Dove says:

Loved the video .. thanks Russ..
Where is scoobs give him a pat from me…✌💖🎼🎵🎶

j glesby says:

Love the video

CAJUN Jamis says:

Oceanside? I used to go in to Oceanside to do laundry and take in a "flick". Wow, long time ago. I
was stationed @ Pendleton 1968/1969. Thanks for the tour, Russ.

Shelly Rusek says:

Oceanside looks like a nice quiet town. The ocean is gorgeous. Great video.

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