RV Travel: Safety Checks, UFO, Rio Grande Gorge, Taos, Ep. 3

RV Travel: Safety Checks, UFO, Rio Grande Gorge, Taos, Ep. 3

Come along with me on my RV travel adventures through the Rio Grande Gorge where I see a UFO, visit Taos and go over driving safety checks on my RV and tow vehicle.

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Chrystal Rhodes says:

Definitely a weather balloon! We do see them quite a bit in our big clear blue skies here in New Mexico.

wayshower13 says:

That is a Mothership and New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California have several underground Star bases (and in the mountains too) and some Alien bases too unfortunately. I hope to move to New Mexico next Spring. I was in Taos a couple of years ago and Arizona too and the energies there were awesome!

Waganupa Jim says:

Border patrol drone, there as big as military drones. Hope gave them a big smile for your file.

windsorien says:

Pippi, it's planet Nubiru

Wildflower wind says:

I just can't believe you drive that big rig and a car all over exploring. Have you thought of a smaller rig?

Bucket List Detecting says:

Great video look forward to following your adventure.

Twodog Dean says:

I've seen satellites in the desert at night, but they were streaking across the sky pretty fast & weren't as big. That's weird?

Eloy Ortiz says:

That was a UFO!! Yay.. You caught it on film.. I saw the the same thing here in Alamosa. If you get the chance to come this way check out the our Great Sand Dunes truly amazing!!!

Dutch Courage says:

It's probably a weather balloon on a leash/string, hence it's not moving by the wind… 'but' if you check the frames 5:58 and onwards you can see the balloon being affected by wind as it bulges in and out. They may be leaving a balloon up there (tied in place) and tow equipment up there to various heights to take different readings … to bad no Aliens this time, but keep looking, surely some day 😉

James Last says:

I seem to be tailing you around NM. Sorry we didn't cross paths.

efninevideoone says:

LOL the next thing you did was that…should have watched the whole thing first…..oops

James Last says:

Just left Albuquerque today. Driving on Route 66..

Ernesto T. says:


efninevideoone says:

Hey Pip, checkout the "earth ship" house community in taos Amazing off grid architecture.

Nita F says:

it's not moving wouldn't a balloon move? it's actually the enterprise braking the timeline rules again lol

tigerbyte0 says:

I love Chase enjoying the views!!!

Ian Gates says:

Good video about your travels. I get your logic on the thing you saw.

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