RV Travel Life | Forest River Uppdate and A Day in Our Lives

RV Travel Life | Forest River Uppdate and A Day in Our Lives

Here’s the latest Forest River update, and we take you along for the day. We hope you enjoy it. If you’d like to see more videos like this please let us know.

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John is a 3x war veteran, he has always been interested in finding ways to help veterans cope with PTSD and feel better living in the country they fought so hard for. He loves being able to share the things that have helped him deal with issues of coming home. Traveling and living this lifestyle has been a complete blessing in his ability to adjust to a healthy living. If you think this could help another veteran, please share it with them.

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Stuff we talk about: RV Living, Full-timing, being a Full-timer, Veterans, Tiny Homes, RV Modifications and Hacks, Tips for RVing Safely, and RV Tours, Hiking, Cycling, RV Parks, Campgrounds, and Minimalist Living. We’re not as good at cooking as Spot the Scott’s though.

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We started out by watching channels such as: Spot the Scott’s, Chris and G Travels, The Freedom Theory, The Wynn’s and Less Junk, More Journey. These channels helped prepare us to be on the road and inspired us to create this channel.

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2016 Forest River Cedar Creek 36CKTS 5th Wheel

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RV NUT says:

That's insanely beautiful wow!

Kevin Barone says:

Omg that's down the street from the house. Wow that's 😉 😳

JBDude27 says:

2 thumbs up on the drone filming! You got some skills there, that place is beautiful!

Bill Redding says:

I suppose the drone footage at the end was of "Forest River" (!) — as it had all those fallen trees in it? 😉

— BR

John Barricelli says:

Beautiful dogs

TheMonkeyrock77 says:

I did an on line study on Motor oil and now I feel like I know something. Don't ever get that cheap oil at Wal-Mart in the Blue Bottles. Plus you put in Duralube with every oil change. duralube.com Watch the test on this.

Al Patzke says:

As a vet who also suffers from ptsd and clinical depression I know the daily struggles you have. Combine that with the Forest River stuff I'm amazed how well you're handling it. God bless.

Life with Ken and Jane Hollis says:

Some experiences may sounds great, but I relive mine everyday, would rather watch a drone fly over the beautiful river. IMHO

Neil Campbell says:

Appreciate the recent personal revelation of your experiences and character. Think you would have a larger audience with stories from the front. My friend & I took a couple of Army Sergeants to Chile fishing. One with lost legs and a Medic with nerve damage in his neck. Fascinating & vicarious stories told round the "campfire" which is a safe story telling place in my family.

Dave Roe says:

Thanks for another great video! Glad to hear mr. Fox's going to be involved and inspecting your rig, maybe now quality control will be as it should be. I know the stress of this whole situation is probably really getting to you, but just remember things are looking up and hopefully you'll have your rig back completely fixed soon. Have a great day and looking forward to next video.

Roy Davis says:

I keep our dog food in sealed bin not just to keep it fresh, but also to keep bugs out. In a RV, you never want anything not sealed that may attract bugs. I would never even ask Forest River to pay for an outside inspection. It really is irrelevant because they are not obligated to address any issue found by an outside inspector anyway.

Sarah J. says:

Cool new video….love what you are doing and PROGRESS on all fronts….I bet you are getting to point you just want it done…hang in there…you are getting there….and ok,,,if the Fox is checking the work…huh,,,I guess I would say not go but pay that part in end if needed…beautiful pics..I had veggie/beef soup stew yesterday too!!

Joe Allen says:

Nothing like Mom's cooking! Nice job with the drone over the area!

mikes1947chev says:

boy when its sunny out western Washington is truly the most beautiful… awesome drone footage…. hope all goes well at you inspection.

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