RV Travel Life | Failed Food Challenge

RV Travel Life | Failed Food Challenge

Downtown Burlington, WA – Billy’s Cafe

John completely botched a food challenge! After the last one he thought he would do really well in these competitions. Turns out breakfast food in the morning can defeat him.



Ivansgarage says:

I was waiting to see if you were gonna finish all that then I would have called you a pig.

Kevin Barone says:

Omg poor John lol looks like from my thoughts is that's breakfast for four days five if u eat Laura's lol ? just don't go getting your self sick for as big a guy as I am I would never do a food challenge u must have a hallowed leg to put it in

Sung Kim says:

Wow another food challenge! Breakfast is hard to eat that much, but you tried 🙂 Have a great day!

vppnbrent says:

Good try buddy..

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