RV Travel Life | End of the Repairs Journey & Everything That Was Fixed

RV Travel Life | End of the Repairs Journey & Everything That Was Fixed

The long awaited video to see everything that was fixed on Lemonade. This will be our last video on the entire lemon rig fiasco. We are happy that this chapter has ended and we are going back to enjoying the RV Travel Life! Thank you again to our wonderful inspector, Robert Wilhelm! If you have not seen the previous video about having an RV Inspected, we highly recommend it. It was an experience that really set us at ease and helped us move through the process of taking the rig home!

Robert Wilhelm is a NRVIA Certified Level 2 Advanced Inspector. We cannot recommend him enough. He was very thorough, going through the rig. We provided the list of the things that were major concerns for us and he addressed them all and more, to make sure rig was sound for staying in once again. He provided us with a 51 page report, with descriptions and pictures of things that were issues or not with the RV. If you need an RV Inspector please consider the NRVIA Certified inspectors. If you are in the Chicago/Indiana area, please give him a call.

Robert Wilhelm
Professional RV Inspections
NRVIA Certified Level 2, Advanced Inspector
(847) 980-4960

Thank you everyone who has joined us, while this episode will be the closing of a chapter in our lives, here’s a look at whats up over the next year!

January- Our first convergence – well two of them! Were headed to Xscapers Annual Bash, and American Girl Mine!

Summer- We are planning on touring Canada. Laura has never been to Canada and we are both really excited to travel across it!

Fall- NOMADFEST 2018 – Many of you already know that we have been cast in a movie. It is scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2018, and NomadFest will be the big movie premier. If you are wanting to join us, come meet the cast and crew, please go to: http://rvnomadfest.com/ to sign up or find more information 🙂

Stick around! This is going to be a fun year!

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Sarah J. says:

The hell maybe was worth it (not really),,,I mean you are fixed up and not only fixed up but aware of what you have to do and can do, and weak spots and where they can develop and have a tight good beautiful rig,,,,it was really fun to get the tour like this…(I love these moving homes…ALL of them). You have a beautiful rig that should have been done right. Truly good seamstresses I have known remake every item of clothing they buy and things last forever..I hope now you have a home that is a step above until your next abode. It should never have been what it was..but I guess it takes everyone at least a year to get first level of kinks out….God Bless…Sarah. I love the way Asher Stanton put it,,,,

Trent Wohlschlaeger says:

Good to get closure. I've used this to add items to my "inspection list"of what to look for when I get around to buying.
The video production values are also much better. It looks like you are using a gimbal to film. May I ask what brand?

Paul Lundell says:

well I'm slow to subscribe, but with all the stuffyou had fixed. Did you receive it that way or happen during warranty period.. or longer. how did you end up at forest river to fix it all?

fred Goff says:

Awesome video and thank you for sharing. Great job friend

Riding With the oldies says:

Goodness y'all had a lot wrong….we are looking at rv's but we are looking much smaller, the Casita.. Hopefully this will get y'all squared away and back to enjoying you rig …. safe travels

Dro Pleckk says:

So glad your rig is finally fixed up. You did not deserve to get such a poorly manufactured product. May you have many many years of smooth travels.

John Mercer says:

It seems as though the manufacturer treated you right and addressed all your concerns, and that is the way all business should handle warranty work. Have fun in your now functioning RV… safe travels….

John Nejedlo says:

We decided to follow the path of two different friends. Each went full-time a few years ago. Each of them took a 10 week course to be an actual certified RV technician at the Recreational Vehicle Service Academy (RVSA: https://www.rvsa.net/) in Palmetto, Florida. I will attend the school while Brenda goes to the beaches and coffee shops to learn how to fly the drone and edit videos. Come and join us for the January class if you don't have plans yet. 🙂

vizio213 says:

i am glad youre happy with the results and can get back to normal…

CentralCoastCamper says:

As far as batteries go, after much reading and research the Trojan T-105 6 volt deep cycle golf cart batteries are the best bang for the buck. Right now I'm running 2 in series for 12 volts, and this works well for weekend boondocking camping trips. I'm looking into a 4 stage battery charger for battery longevity.

Tracy says:

Thanks for showing us everything! I'm shocked on how many manufacturers defects there were to your rig. I'm glad everything was addressed that needed to be. Maybe it was a good thing this happened because you now having everything in great shape and they threw in some extra stuff!

Ken Brown says:

on the electrical element on the HW heater, MAKE SURE you always have water in there when the switch is turned on. you will burn that out in a hurry if you drain it and its on. just a FYI maybe you already knew that, but my salesman said that is one of the most non-addressed issues when selling new RVs, I guess they often forget to tell people how critical that is when they go thru your buy off walk thru.

Bill Penning says:

Hi John, you mentioned a filter put on the water heater to stop noise in your sound bar. Was this a water or LP filter?

Ken Brown says:

WOW! it looks like they did a really good job! way to come out on top. I am impressed.

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