RV Travel as a Solo Dad | Bus Life NZ | RV Life Ep 55

RV Travel as a Solo Dad | Bus Life NZ | RV Life Ep 55

It’s #Dadvlog time again! With Amber still away taking a break we head further along the top of the South Island, exploring the Marlbourough Sounds and Picton. We find an amazing boondocking location and stay for a few days before heading toward Blenheim to re-provision.

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Our Traveling Souls says:

If we ever need to reference US to Metric conversions, we will certainly be using this video. 😀

Pamala Peterson says:

What wonderful memories you are making for your children! You are doing a great job, but I know you miss Amber! Pray Amber is recovering nicely ! God bless you'all and keep you all safe! Lovely video as usual, thank you for sharing!

David Lintner says:

Well, you're doing a great job. Is it my imagination or are you missing Amber?

Souk Phaphakdy says:

you doing great

S tmn says:

Hey Andy and other good dads out there, THANK YOU.

Dawn Michelle says:

Hang in there – and I'll echo the sentiment – you're doing great. At least you aren't wrestling with plumbing in spaces no woman should ever have to try to squeeze into and subsequent leaks. Replacing a kitchen faucet – how hard can it be she thought….!!

Kevin Jones says:

All these beautiful spots are going into my travel planner for next year. I never see you fishing, do you not fish? great way to keep the food costs down and keeps the kids amused too, great video again, we are truly blessed to live in such a fantastic country

wtf8einstein says:

Man, I'd be completely exhausted with just the dad stuff . . .
Really appreciate you sharing. Thanks!

Hashslingingslasher says:

What was the Dock-pass you mentioned at about 4:00? Is it nz wide?

Shirley Lipps says:

Great video. I love the scenery of New Zealand. You are doing a great job with the kids solo. Always seem to be happy kids. Show your grocery haul, would love to see what food you fix.

petnzme01 says:

Kiwi' kids and bare feet…. Love it.

Isaac vR. says:

I think this is the best way to start my morning!Thanks.

Nard Walker says:

Yup those Marlborough sounds roads can be terrible

Rebecca Wood Bixler says:

You really are doing a superb job taking care of the children. It isn't an easy job. One more week…right? Some beautiful footage and we love Geocaching here in the States. We have had some really tough ones to find!

zennmomma says:

Oh I had a giggle… I thought you said "get the kids stripped in the car…" LOL. Classic kiwi accent vs Canadian ears moment haha. LOVED this episode as always ☺

Flufferx says:

You're such a great daddy, you should be so proud! Your funny and smart kids are a reflection of their mom & dad!

bigtrouble72 says:

This was so nice to see in my notifications! I am a bit out of touch. We had to evacuate for hurricane Irma and just got our power back on. I am happy to report we did just fine for the most part, but not having electricity when it's 98 degrees both outside and in was….not fun. lol. We've been steadily downsizing and while a total loss would have still been horrible, I'm not sure it would have been as devastating as a few years ago. Anyway, as always, love to see your vids pop up and the scenery is just amazing. How are the temps there? Is it starting to feel like spring?

Erica Christensen says:

Daisy's hair! Lol! Watching you should remind us moms that every little detail does not need to be sorted out. We can relax a little! You're doing a great job! When our kids were young(they're teens now)I worked a few evenings a week and their dad had to go solo. He said he wouldn't trade those times for the world!!!

Betsy Ogley says:

When I was five my dad got hit by a car and had knee surgery. Well, he was home for like six months or something and my mom was at work full time. Dad days were sometimes really fun lol. The hot dogs cooked in the microwave weren't my favorite though lol. We definitely had more freedom though with dad, I remember being able to make my chocolate milk really really chocolatey. He had to watch a five year old girl (me), my little sister who was three and my little brother who was not even a year old yet. I missed my mom a lot during that time. I'd go into her closet and just smell get clothes and cry. LoL and she was only gone for 8 hours each day. I was a total mommy's girl though. At least you guys get to be outside and doing things, not stuck inside with an injury, that was not fun.
You did good Andy.
When I was a single parent I'd get really lonely for other adults. But after 3 years of doing it I got super use to it. I gave up year two and let my son sleep with me in my bed and we'd talk and talk. That was now 3 years ago now and my son still begs to come in our bed lol what did I create? Ha ha. But when my husband has to leave for work Enzo and I have lots of alone time and it feels like it use to.
Alone time with our little ones can be so priceless. Sometimes Enzo says the funniest things when we're alone.
Anyway, good job holding down the fort while Amber was away.
You deserve a lot of credit, and you did such a good job holding everything together. Well done.

Sirtaj says:

Thanks for sharing.

Maggie May says:

This video made me chuckle! You're doing a fantastic job. Kids are having fun. Dad's a bit lonely and stir crazy I see. Bus is a bit messy, kids hair in tangles, but you're all alive and well and probably eating pizza! 🍕 I'm surprised there haven't been any tantrums. So well behaved! Looking forward to dad blog 7!

Daisy S says:

Another great video, glad to see everyone's doing well. Hope Amber's break has helped her find herself again.

Latrece Preston says:

I give you a lot of credit. Being a solo parent isn't easy. Keep on going your doing great.

darkkevind1978 says:

Got enough wine there Andy!? lol 5:32
Awesome job you're doing on your own though dude, I rely too much on my wife for the kids day to day stuff, I need to take a step back from work and concentrate on them for a bit me thinks….
On another note, how do your kids go everywhere with no shoes on!? I couldn't do it. Good on them if they're not bothered though and it doesn't hurt their little feet 🙂 lol

Deborah Humphery says:

I know you miss Amber she is want keeps everything together!! You never knew how hard life could be without your better half! Great job, keep focus, stay on the right path!!

small footprint says:

Oh…you didn't say what you took and what you left in the geo cache. Did Jakie sign the book? Hope you do more of them. Great experience on so many levels, for the kids. You're doing a great job at being a 'single-for-now' dad. Love that Dad is the photog, Jakie is the map reader, and Daisy is the ballerina. The entertainment, always important. Did you get a righteous ballet performance out of her? Such creative kids. Thanks for posting.

D.R. Long says:

I can empathize about driving something like that. Good solution to not being able to just turn right onto the bridge!

Debbie Vidal says:

You're doing a great job !

Mark Twaits says:

Definitely dad of the year

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