RTR 2018, Vantage Holiday Rambler Tour, RV Living And Travel Vlog

RTR 2018, Vantage Holiday Rambler Tour, RV Living And Travel Vlog

*Intro music: : Eldar Kedem – Present Moment – You and Me

*Vehicle: 2007 Dodge Ram 3500, , 6 speed Manual, turbo Cummins, long bed, 4 wheel drive
*Camper: 2004 Lance 1025 Lite
*Cameras: Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Fuji XP
*Editing Software: Flimora
Computer: ASUS I7 7th Gen.

Email: DestinationOpenRoad2@gmail.com



Patricia D.L. says:

cute dog with glasses on

SRR Founder says:

The hydraulic camper was awesome, Teri… THANKS FOR SHARING! ~Mikio ♥

frank M nowickl says:

You are the mayor of the RTR so nice giving people smiles and friendly hellos two thumbs up.

mimi says:

What an amazing vintage trailer. Beautiful . Poor Scott,he tried use the rest room in your camper,had company!! Now you got him in Porta potty!!! Lol

zdiver1 says:

Rubber= tires   Tramp= traveler  R- get-together.

karen knapp says:

awesome video, thanks for the tour.

thumpergman says:

The motocycle in front of pandas van is what Eric wants i belive

Bev R says:

Back door friends are best…..🚐☕️🍴🐶😍

cathy308308 says:

I loved your video and the way you treat people

sc00b3rt says:

Looks like everyone is having a great time, lol. Stay safe 🙂

Renea Taylor says:

Can y’all please be nice to Joey, I can really tell you both are the sweetest people, but I think she may have tried very hard to spend time with all you wonderful ladies and somehow her schedule was off, and she felt left out or something, maybe y’all didn’t even notice, I’m only asking y’all, cause I know you’d care if someone was struggling, I probably don’t know the whole story, but it makes me a little sad when someone’s hurting, I just want to say, Teri you are the sweetest person ever, I love watching your videos, it always gives me such a happy feeling

Yvonne Sanchez says:

Terri you and Scott are a beatiful couple. Your personality is great. I am planning to be full time RV in the next couple of years. We just purchased a class c Jayco. I hope to see you all on the road. Great to see all of you together. You and RV Joey and Ausia are the best. You all 3 ladies are classy with great personalities. I was diagnosed with MS and my husband is my rock. Again we hope to one day meet you and Scott. 🙂

Bev R says:


Annee Crie says:

Wow, wow, wow! Great tour. Thanks!

Joy Milhoan says:

What an awesome vintage rig! Thanks for sharing!🙂

Cristina Thiessen says:

You and Scott are having to much fun!!! 😂Thank for all you do Terry and Scott too. I get a smile on my face and I laugh so hard. All the time. Great vlogs and keep them coming From the road and RTR !!!!!

The Phoenix Ramblers says:

Love the video 💓 Thank you 😀

zdiver1 says:

If I drive out the 2 hours I will bring firewood.

Kimberly Kimberly says:

Do you ever see tarantulas out there?

Patricia cooke says:

Love your vlogs

Creative Hearts John Villanueva says:

Alwsome 1970 trailer,very beautiful.,very nice…i love those vintage rvs.

Eileen Daniel says:

If you could message me at mrscliffie@gmail.com I would appreciate it!

GeeInJapan TV says:

Much love from Tokyo! I hope to meet you guys on the road once I head back to the states!

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