RIVALS: The Wild World of Aussie Rules Football – VICE World of Sports

RIVALS: The Wild World of Aussie Rules Football – VICE World of Sports

The only rule in Aussie Rules football is pain… lots of pain.

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Zach Couch says:

1:11 "If Australia was a counrry founded for criminals…"
There were people before the criminals. They are called aboriginals.

idc idhc says:

Essendon v Collingwood, Essendon v Carlton, Essendon v Hawthorn…

Richo3121 says:

What a crap story on AFL! the rivalry between these 2 minnows ended over 20 years ago . No one cares about these shit football clubs. fake news.

Zac Martin says:

Great one cunts, show the two most toothless, fuckin nuffed out shit stains of teams our great game can offer. The yanks wouldn't know what a fuckin magpie was and could give a fuck about Carlton unless it's the commission flats to get their now illegal weed habit. Carn cunts wake up

Tomas K says:

Should do one on Gaelic football or hurling

tom says:

when collingwood fans lose they turn their jerseys and scarves inside out so no one knows they're collingwood fans as you can see he runs home in his hoodie, they're sore losers and bogans haha

Aidan Burns says:

comment sections on these videos are always incredible because it's always some senile american in an alabama trailer park calling this a pussy sport, while australians send him death threats

tra789 says:

Lmao play a real sport like the NFL.

bmarr80 says:

Best Sport on Earth.

Dazzalinco1 says:

Best Game in the World!!!!!!!!

mac daddy stackz says:

would you do a mini doc on international rules its on every 4 years, its a mix of between gaelic football from ireland and aussie rules fom australia. ireland v australia its really good please give it a go lol

decm2013 says:

You should look at the GAA in Ireland and the history behind it.

Jimeth says:

The thing you forgot to mention was every other AFL supporter hates Collingwood.

GermanterrorUZI WARSAW POLAND says:

This game is sloppy, but better than NFL for sure

fiftyfive16 says:

Do an episode on Irish GAA

TheRoyce4 says:

Looks like Joffa got parole, again.

dytronik says:

Richmond is bigger than both these clubs! I usually like Vice but this story is way with its facts. Carn the Tiges!

Mega O says:

Vice always late with uploads.

2pro4u2c says:

It's pronounced OZZIE not OSSIE, fuck.

Fiachra Mac Loughlin says:

Should look at GAA

Obligor says:

terrible sport…

Maxi C says:

ima c wut aussieman has to say bout this madness

Danny Amos says:

Why is this black talking about footy , doesnt he know that we don't let them play over here

Rashaenka says:

This is why Australians will never win the World Cup .Playing "football" with hands and having your own rules hardly prepares you for the real thing.

Archie Otley says:

this game happened in may 2016, why did this video take so long to come out?

Mario 2252 says:

What a fake ass fan puts on a hoodie when they lose

Faizol Refaeil says:

Is it basically rugby?

Emmanuel Macron says:

this is for boys
american football is for men

D-MMA says:

Joffa has far too many teeth to be a real Pies fan.

Aussielad 21 says:

Very good doco vice 👌👌

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