RIVALS: Soccer’s Battle of Algiers – VICE World of Sports

RIVALS: Soccer’s Battle of Algiers – VICE World of Sports

On the eve of revolution, Algerians field a soccer team of their own.

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Franziska Leitner says:

leg thinking primary intensity supply identical tourist male passage viewer white

Daniel Restrepo says:

Clubs with no history.

Ian Castro says:

205th like
48th comment

killercaos123 says:

Is there any alcohol in Algeria? What's watching futbol without some booze?

Sea Bass says:

Next time send the guy that did the Eternal Derby. This guy is an idiot.

Yonnie Laubhouet-Akadié says:

It's not. North Africa biggest football match is Al Ahly Vs. Zamalek
get your facts right 😉

Dame A says:

Diiiiiirby lol Americans

harmit Singh says:

Ben Anderson would have been better.

Tanner Cannon says:

"The story of soccer in Algiers is the story of Algiers itself"

….Vice has no shame

nkeicher says:

Always interesting to see such a large event and no female attendance. Gotta love that cultural difference and views towards the sexes. :

Haider Tariq says:


Petit says:

"Their version of the wave"
How not to explain football to americans lol

Duff says:

The 2-2 goal was offside

Yung Balota says:

Casablanca derby next??

kuroko basket says:

Les DZ vous êtes là ou bien ?

Faizol Refaeil says:

They call it football in Algeria

Sweetness 1624 says:

When the guy said he’ll kill his son if he’s not a fan of the club… he probably was serious 😳 lol

JC Paul says:

Derby match, biggest rivalry as old as the nation defined by love.??wtf (Native club VS colonial club)
vice should stop documenting stories related to football or maybe you need to send someone who really understand the game not a guy who would expect a wave from the fans in a derby match..

World Of Football says:

Derby is pronounced like d-ar-bee not whatever the fuck he was saying. And football not soccer. Smh

Dems says:

Like for a smile

hafnawi lala says:

50 year old country WTF!!!!

Abdirizak Muse Abdulle says:

The title should be: RIVALS: Football's* Battle of Algiers – VICE World of Sports. Soccer is a term only used in USA and we from other parts of the world we call it Football

Ben Pantera says:

need to do some derby turkish side derby. They are fucking mental , if you can survive alive from that you are lucky. Vice is copa90 wannabe.

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