RIVALS: Bareknuckle Boxing Meets MMA in Calcio Storico – VICE World of Sports

RIVALS: Bareknuckle Boxing Meets MMA in Calcio Storico – VICE World of Sports

In Florence, history is honored when fresh blood is spilled in an ancient game.

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pete a says:

The way soccer should be played

They call me rain says:

I want to fight again

Marco Ceccarelli says:

Next year I hope I'm there.

Sambo D says:

The best sport in the world i cant watch footbal with all the tarts falling over crying this is a real mans sport great to watch respect to the men

Aiden Davis says:

The passion is unreal

Snakelight says:

Just show the blood you pretentious twats

Emo Gin says:

American Football wud be hella More Fun if we incorporated these fighting rules instead of playing Pussyband Refs Flagging and ejecting Mofo for everything when I played college football got ejected 2 times for fighting was worth it back up all that shit talk lots of fun NFL shud allow fighting just like Hockey Does it is quite Hypocritical this is America s violent game with pussy rules of course F that.

Kyle Mavris says:

Great documentary , what Vice is about. Please keep up the good work like this. And stay away from your political views or shot hosts who laugh at what they have gone to explore as it is getting worse!

sam foppen says:

How can they win with half a point? What did I miss.


youll need more than 4 teams to defend italy from islamic subjucation

gmo gmo says:

This is so retarted, idiots.

Miguel Bastidas says:

60% of these dudes are roided up

Robert Muldoon says:

Basically Rugby and Saturday night Fights at any New Zealand Pub

Max Artemyev says:

Another cult of aggression blah blah blah. Can't help anyone in anything.

Jonjobarme 01 says:

Half of the team: Rugby players
Other half: Neonazis

Snake Pliskin says:

Doesn't get more masculine than that.

Horizon topspsppde says:

Viva Italia

Frank the Tank says:

What if a massive brawl breaks out between the players.

The Journey says:

Hi im Coyote Peterson and today I'm gonna prove just how bad ass I really am.

If you know who coyote Peterson you're awesome!

Uchiha Hikaku says:

What a beautiful tradition, thanks for the upload Vice.

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