Rip Tide – Official Trailer – MarVista Entertainment

Rip Tide – Official Trailer – MarVista Entertainment

Debby Ryan (“Jessie”) is a fashionista testing new waters, finding love and herself along the way.

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After a modeling mishap, Cora books a one-way ticket to Australia. Expecting a five-star holiday with her Aunt Margot, Cora realizes all too late that her beachside retreat is not what she thought. Cora feels trapped, but as time goes by friendships bloom and romance sparks. When Cora’s mom calls to let her know that she’s secured a fantastic modeling contract, Cora must decide between a career she’s been working so hard for and the community that’s welcomed her with open arms.

Cast: Debby Ryan, Genevieve Hegny, Andrew Creer, Naomi Sequeira, Valerie Bader


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Rip Tide – Official Trailer – MarVista Entertainment



Moon Choc says:

Always loved Debby Ryan😃💚💕🐸

shawn eldridge says:

Debby also played in what if movie done by Pure Flix. What if is an outstanding terrific amazingly awesome movie she did. Debby's role & character in that movie is like totally awesome. She did a fantastic job in that movie what if. I highly suggest all of you watch that movie what if. If you haven't seen it watch it. I guarantee you you will enjoy and love that movie what if who knows it may even become one of your favorite movies of all times. I so totally would love to see this movie +I would also love to buy this on Blu-ray disc if it's available on Blu-ray. I do know some movies are available on Blu-ray disc and some are not available on Blu-ray. So that's why I got to do my research. This movie it looks like it's going to be really fantastic. I know Debby will do an outstanding incredibly great job in this movie.

Gabriella Amon says:

Where can you watch this?

Dani Cobos says:


Jessica Knoles says:

I'm happy to finally see Debby stepping outside disney. Super excited to see what else she puts forth❤

William Chico says:

This movie looks like Soul Surfer, eh?

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