Rim Of The World Highway – San Bernadino Mountains California – RV Travel – RV Life

Rim Of The World Highway – San Bernadino Mountains California – RV Travel – RV Life

Full Time RV Living / RV Travel Videos/RVerTV Traveled to Rim Of The World Highway – San Bernadino Mountains California. Highway 18. Beautiful Vista Views https://goo.gl/SNptE3
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Jon Prince says:

I like the Garmin read out on your dash cam. Maybe sometime explain how that's done.

Richard Bohling Sr says:

Looks like a fun drive, hope to drive it someday. Happy trails.

Shelly Rusek says:

What a great view from "on too of the world"!!!!! Great video Russ!

lakelizard says:

That was some view. But I would not enjoy driving that windy terrifying road. Fear of heights. 🙂 Nice that I can see it thru your lens. Thanks Russ.

Peace Dove says:

Scratch Scoobs for me…✌💖🎼🎶🎵

Magilla Gorilla says:

Could you do a review of your home made cargo camper? I've noticed you've been living in it for while and was thinking about building one out myself. Ive seen your build videos from a year ago. Have you made any changes? Have you added an AC? What kind of toilet do you use? Anything you would have done differently since your build?

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