Red Rock Canyon (USA) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Red Rock Canyon (USA) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Red Rock Canyon in The USA.
Around thirty minutes drive from the hustle and bustle of the gambling paradise of Las Vegas is the fascinating landscape of Red Rock Canyon. Red Rock Canyon is part of the huge Mojave Desert that extends south from California and Nevada , to Arizona. Several huge tectonic plates once collided along the Keystone Thrust Fault and this resulted in many layers of rock being piled up one on top of the other. Today these rocks are closely associated with the legendary Wild West of old and a land full of adventure and romance. Those less inclined to walk can travel by car on a twenty kilometre long scenic route that provides some remarkable views of the canyon and there are several good vantage points from which the full spectacle of this amazing area can be enjoyed. The exact significance that the red rocks of this region once had for the ancient peoples of North America will probably never be known. But one thing is for certain: Man will continue to be intrigued by the awe-inspiring splendour of this fantastic canyon.



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