Real Brooklyn Pizza

Real Brooklyn Pizza

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‘Magic Loop’ – JEDS

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Rachel Gettings says:

Love your travel videos!❤️

Shoppingtrollies says:

I was debating a trip to New York and I so want to go now

Jacob Chang says:

6:17 it's everyday bro is Jake Paul not Logan Paul

Roo Xia says:

When you've been to all the places shown in the vlog, that Grimaldi's pizza though 👌

Frank Bernard says:

DO. A. MEETUP. (plz) 🙆🏻‍♂️

josie o says:

You can't see the city's skyline beauty, but there's something about being IN the city.

ElleParaRay says:

What trains is he taking where people have conversations? Normally people have their earbuds in, trying their hardest not to make accidental eye contact.

David Paul says:

Evan!! I live in NY, where's the meet up at?

judie edwards says:

It's awesome to see you getting back to being more comfortable around people in your travel adventures, especially after your heartfelt video about being always lonely. Obviously I know that those feelings haven't just gone, but you honestly look a lot more relaxed in this vlog than you have in a while. I hope that was because you felt comfortable with these guys. Thumbnail was all good as well, we all need a little bit of randomness in our lives lol

Tara Fox says:

This really makes me miss New York Dx
Love this video Evan great job c: I hope you had a blast ~

Lucky12 says:

when you live in brooklyn this is like the only pizza you get

Twenty_guns_for_hands ._. says:

Pleasssseee come to VIDCON Australia!!!

annyyy xx says:

gotta get that pizza

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