Reaction to the 1st round of Champions League Matches – BT Sport

Reaction to the 1st round of Champions League Matches – BT Sport

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alex norman says:

Embarassing shite

David Kent says:

Blurred Minecraft visuals, what's the point of loading up a frustrating video like this?

kenneth vekima says:

who is a better player? Mbappe or Rashford?

Charlie Perez says:

God..what's it coming to when you can't even show the goals…what a rip off business sport has become…just look at Neymar's salary…for just kicking a bag of air!!!

ash unknown says:

next game if moreno or loveren plays fans boycott the staduim. we make protest and stop watching liverpool. liverpool should beaten the shitdog seville bastard spanish shits . liverpool is to blame and school boy defending. defence has not sort out since 1990 is my books . last great backline nicol , lawrenson,alan hanson , phill thomson won leagues for lfc . liverpool defender are sucks club two defender might realted in match fixing moreno and lovren and at times mignollet

Antonio Henderson says:

Real Madrid will win it for the 3rd straight time

Jay Murthy says:

On that panel Gary Linekar, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerard have all said that Messi is the greatest player ever. Rio Ferdidand said he would pick Cristiano over Messi admittedly only because he played with him. That's pretty much the consensus amongst the entire footballing community

StrikeWithSyd 99 says:

Ref was bad, we did not convert our chances, same as bvb, I'm.happy but sad at the same time.

boo hoo says:

wtf is got ur name on my block list will never watch any videos of u

TrueBlueCobber says:

Fuck Lampard off

sky nate says:

u can show pictures instead of the clips

Sleep dep says:

Blurred out match fotage


Negster says:

Quiet year what the fuck Lampard Messi was the best last season and all seasons


Grew up watching these three legends shine for their clubs week in and week out. Seeing them together brings back memories❤️💙❤️

J T says:

"i feel like after real madrid psg is the most favorite for chl"

Achilles Edi Corleone says:


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