Pros & Cons: RV Travel Thru Small Towns

Pros & Cons: RV Travel Thru Small Towns

There are pros and cons when traveling through and near small towns out in the boondocks.

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Mario B says:

Like the this video on pros and cons on you did a good job I am convince I want to live in an rv too. You did a good job on changing your oil. I just wonder did you put fresh oil on the new filter rubber deal ring? Didn't looked like you did.

ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™ says:

Who would have thought that an oil change could be so sensual? 🙂

Anh says:

Way to go, Pippi…nothing lasts forever:) It's another great video. Thank you, both for sharing beauty of nature and insights. Happy trails and please stay safe!

Daniela Dte says:

I felt some tension between you two under the RV.. kkkk

Lance Michel says:

I really like that format. You might even do one where you don't even mention what you're doing…you just do it, while talking about the topic of the day.. 🙂
I also like videos where both you guys are in it, but it's not staged.. It makes it feel more real I guess.
Thanks again!

Bob Doughty says:

For a reason I can't put a finger on….
This video was extra GREAT!
Maybe the way it just ended with a "one liner"?
Very well done!

Love2boat92 says:

Thanks for sharing. Love your videos!!

Rodney Hendrix says:

Pipster, Just a note : next time you change your filter put some new oil on your finger and spread it around the new filter gasket. You may have did that but didn't show it. Just helps gasket seat on motor. Loved the close up of those BABY BLUES…….

Boregaurd Rippy says:

……………………i feel SO DIRTY!!!

urgetodrive says:

10:11 Didja put a new crush washer on the drain pan plug? Also, didn't see if you oiled up the gasket on the new filter. I liked that quote at the end about not wanting to leave but also not wanting to stay forever.

dennis phillips says:

I always enjoy your video's Thanks

Homeboy says:

Lovely video Pippi.

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