Premier League Funniest Moments Of The Season 2016/17

Premier League Funniest Moments Of The Season 2016/17

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Avtex Sports says:

I know you guys love this kind of videos so here you go, we are very close to 100,000 so if you are new around here, make sure you subscribe! 🙂

Johnny Bravo says:

divock origi 27 ????

TheLondonPlayer says:

Sturbridge was upset because he wasn't getting any game time

steven cellugi says:

My stepsister is very hot, like this and convicted me if I want to seduce her.

Osasu Osawe says:

brought a tear to me my eye that second part

Jack Pac says:


La Pulga says:

The funniest moments of this season are on Arsenal Fan TV

KB gamer says:

Wat song is it before you get the feeling ?

xBLACK ANBUx says:

hai wan the song name

Emanuel Mehari says:

that's been sergio romero's involvement in the first squad this season…

Mr.Zizou says:

hahahahhaha awesomeee

Jonathan Krassic says:

2:00 there's always time for a hug hahahaha

Najib Rahman says:

I listened to 20 mins of the 1 hour version of "Feeling good" by NCS then I went back to the home menu and clicked on this vid and the same song started playing. Weird or what?

Super_Soccer_Dude_ 1 says:

Who else turns down the background music but turns it right back up because it doesn't feel right

اخت ركان الدوسري says:

Wtf Shaqiri is doing

Nick Fowler says:

Wheres man u season

Alberto Sancho says:

very good video i've loved it

EyeSack says:

What did the Librarian say to the kids?

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Aladdin Football Gamer says:

What a viddd

Geo says:

This video is absolutely amazing. Diserves to be used at the end of the season on TV for Premier League Highlights

Sebastian .Ellekær says:

great vid, just missed rooneys 250 goal for MAn utd 😀 keep up the good work

Damien Warren says:

I like this it is really funny

Joel-Timon Gehle says:

Intro Song?

Lewis Chippendale says:

What is that opening song you used

RubZay says:

The second bit should be like a compilation of the 16/17 season, amazing work,keep it up!

Leon Morina says:

Who was the singer at 3:31?

Lewis Smith says:

I wonder who you support

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