We head to the airport for our next adventure and have a potential emergency! Has this ever happened to you?
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5 Years Ago – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bguWglUbb7s&list=PLFdpUcoRL8cmSw-4oH3Wgs7diO3PI0PAm&index=13
Tomorrow – Come back and see!

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recorded on 6.13.17



Nman3000 says:

blog on!!?

Kalib Scott says:

Can someone tell me we're they went

Everette Tanner says:

I just started season two

Anna Eddington says:

You should go to stackhouse

Sammy L says:

Tell Bella dad that I said boo gators and go seminoles

Amorie Smith says:

I want to meet yall

Amorie Smith says:

What are y'all doing next in Dallas because I live in forney

ItzYeBoiCaleb says:

Hey clintus I've seen a couple of your vlogs and I saw that you live in my neighborhood savannah and just wanted to say ?

Ben Bessemer says:

Bro you do know that ErikTV365 lives not far from where you are. (You may already know that but I am just potentially hoping for a meet up with you and Erik

Jessie Keays says:

Haha. Tiffany… "We dropped him off at a gas station." idk why that was funny to me.

Paul Hutcheon says:


Louie Zitofsky says:

i have th3 same sneakers as Bryce

Jamie Burnam says:

Clintus what are you going to do for your 2,000th video ONLY 100 UNTIL 2000

Kyle King says:

At 2:57 did Bryce call his father by his first name, or is it me that's not allowed to

Rachael D'onofrio says:

Awesome video I really like it lot it was cool

TheRVlife Family Vlogs. says:

glad you made it in time for the flight!! welcome to humid Texas lol

Jeremy Dungan says:

Are y'all in Lantana?

Jesus garcia says:

Clint can you make a video or talk about the gaming laptop you got, it looks nice and really portable I'm thinking of getting the one you got but don't know which one you got or a similar one.

Divit Rana says:

Are you in frisco?

jackie wilmoth says:

team Bryce we out here huge fan for about 6 years never gets old

Amias Tate says:

hey clintus i love u

Stormtrooper 101 says:

I agree with the guy who did the outro

david94499 says:

10:04 that me in the background and clintus looks so funny

Stormtrooper 101 says:

You really should have gotten Bryce matching pajamas, not kidding

joshua gopie says:

can you do a video on your new laptop?

Samuel Family and Friends says:

next week i'm going on a trip to florida it's not for vacation i'm moving!

Joshua Dellinger says:

You should get a golf cart for you house

Douglas Duncan says:

you need to come to borlson

Cole Locklear says:

Watch the Arrow

Tayler Petrimoulx says:

Bella has gotten so big

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