Petra (Jordan) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Petra (Jordan) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Petra in Jordan.
Between the Gulf Of Akaba and the Dead Sea, close to Wadi Musa, the “Valley Of MOSES” in the heart of Jordan and hidden beyond near impenetrable mountains, is the fascinating and mysterious ancient city of Petra. Its strategic location at the junction of six important caravan routes, including the famous Incense Road, brought much prosperity to the city.The almost two kilometre long Siq follows the dried out riverbed of the Musa whose course was redirected by the Nabnataeans in order to protect their capital from dangerous flood waters. A canal that follows the Siq around two metres above ground is a fine technical masterpiece that was also created by the Nabataeans. There are only two routes that lead to the rocky city of Petra a narrow mountain pass in the northwest and, to the east, the sometimes two hundred metre deep Siq Gorge. It is believed that the Treasury, carved out of solid rock walls, was built in the first century B.C. It is the main landmark of the ancient Nabataean metropolis. Six splendid columns form the lower part of the atrium that in common with most of the architecture here has been exceptionally well-preserved.

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