Overlander Remote Travel Spares Kit

Overlander Remote Travel Spares Kit

Overlander Remote Travel Spares Kit.

In this video I show you which spare I carry and why. I also seek some pro tips and suggestions from a mechanic.
0:01 Intro
0:46 Nuts and Bolts
1:31 Filters
2:00 Wheel Bearing Do you need them?
2:50 Wheel Nuts & Studs
4:02 Belts
5:10 Hoses & Pipes
5:42 Fluids
8:05 Differential Oil
9:48 Brake Fluid
11:15 Aerosol Heros
12:32 OEM parts vs Aftermarket cheap parts
13:05 Electrical Spares
13:42 Mechanics Tips and suggestions Parts
18:09 Mechanics Tips and suggestions Fluids

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Tru Blu says:

Burson auto parts deliver.

Benny Mitropoulos says:

Excellent – thanks Ronny.

Sean Starkey says:

Hey Ronny…
Shout from NZ 🙂
Just want to comment on product I think is amazing.. but a little off subject.
I've been watching a lot of your vids lately and I now know about the corrosion problems (red dust etc)
Check out this stuff if you don't already know about it.
I believe that the first Holden cars sent to NZ had a piece of No8 wire in the tool kit.. 😉

Kind Regards

Dougie P says:

Why not just tow another new 4wd?

Seth Williamson says:

– Anything that's broken more than once
– Shop manual if you're not well versed in mechanics

CHeWy says:

Just carry Penrite, can use most of their stuff in petrol and diesel….Bring brake cleaner only, you can use it to clean electrical stuff, especially if it is the WURTH stuff and it leaves no residue but is expensive. Cheap brake cleaner may leave a slight residue, but it will get you out of a pickle, that eliminates one can. Or bring electrical spray for both jobs. Electrical spray is just more expensive….Also i would carry WD over INOX as it will get the same job done, to get you out of some where and also cleans better than INOX having kero in it. And yes i am a mechanic.

PaulnSans says:

Watched the vid…. (Good stuff Ronny) Read the comments and recommended additions (Good stuff Youtubers). Just gotta tell the wife there's gonna be no room left for her once I've packed all the spare parts and tools! 😎

dmax 0077 says:

How bout a spare c.v ,especially for a toyota.

SpectreOZ says:

If you are blessed/cursed with driving an automatic then a reco/new starter motor would be an essential piece of kit, as you can't push start an auto vehicle…

Luckie Hyaena says:

Also for anyone who has added an ARB air locker DO NOT use LSD diff oil. Regular gear oil either conventional or synthetic is acceptable.

Ade White says:

For certain kind of tracks and distance/remoteness of the destination we now carry spare CVs and its related parts. We've seen them break regardless of vehicle make – driver's error notwithstanding sometimes you're just unlucky. Maybe not so much if you've upgraded to chromoly ones.

craftdinna says:

That was very informative about the brake fluid! I had this happen to me on my old laser as the car got hot I wasn't able to disengage the clutch. I ended up changing the fluid and it was fine, but this totally makes sense as to the reason why.

Grab Me Gear says:

Thanks Ronny, gonna make a checklist out of this, helpful tips…👍

Royal Mint says:

Ronnie may need to fix the spelling Bearings title

Dirk van Kampen says:

The only thing I would add is a spare pair of thongs in case of a blowout!

ross sainsbury says:

The only thing I would add Ronny is a couple of exhaust rubbers , from past experience cable ties only last 5 minutes if your lucky .
Top video again look forward to the next one.

Flintlock says:

Good stuff as usual
A lot of coolant concentrates are brand/ colour specific and can't be mixed. There is at least one on the market which can mix with any other type .
If you have access to a vacuum packer use it on pre greased wheel bearings , bits and pieces which are better off not bouncing off each other, etc .
What about a maintenance manual if you aren't familiar with changing wheel bearings etc ? , Borrow one then photo copy the relevant pages then get them laminated against grease and dirt .
Toyota Diffs with lockers dont have limited slip .
What about an oil filter incase your oil gets contaminated and has to be changed ?

mattymmmm says:

What's a "Wheel Bering Kit"? I've never heard of such a thing. 2:02

Rhi McKeon says:

Thanks again mate!

BeeLeeBoi says:

Best timing, Ive been looking to get a spares kit together.

Joe King says:

Why can't WD-40 be used as a water displacement?
I've been using it for years without issue.

PerthEnduro says:

A couple of tubeless tyre valves. Good if you tear out a valve but also handy for getting diff, gearbox & transfer case oils where they belong. Take the lid off what ever fluid you need to put in the car. Grab a tubeless valve & that fuel hose. Poke/melt/cut 2 holes next to each other in the lid. One of these holes is going to be for the valve, the other for fuel hose, so make sure that there is enough space between the holes for the hose & valve to fit side by side. It is critical that both of these holes be air tight around both the valve & the fuel hose. Pull the valve through one hole so that the inflating stem is on the outside of the lid. Poke the fuel hose through the 2nd hole & pull enough of it through the hole to reach the bottom of the fluid bottle when the lid is screwed back on. Cutting the hose on a diagonal will make it easier to get started through the hole. Screw the lid back onto the fluid bottle. Insert protruding end of fuel hose in diff/gearbox/transfer & connect your compressor to the valve. Turn your compressor on & the air being forced into the bottle will force the fluid up the hose & into what you need to fill up. Most bottles only hold a low pressure so short bursts with the compressor are all that is needed so that the bottle doesn't burst or ideally a low flow compressor like for matresses or toys. At home a more permanent rig can be made with a vessel that will hold a higher pressure & volume. Beats the hell out of a funnel & hose or one of those stupid hand pumps

Chris Linden says:

Limited slip vehicles do no need the lsd oil if they are the friction disk style, in fact not putting it in makes it more of a spool than limited slip

frederick montgomery gwyndell says:

good information – as usual!


Bread996 says:

Driveline U-Joints

berserk7111 says:

You can add too the list spark plugs, carb rebuild kit, carb cleaner, hand cleaner, small packet of anti-seize with small brush, penetrating oil, electric fuel pump, spare ignition box, coil, distributor pickup, heater hose, u-joints, and I have found a small can of compressed air "type used for keyboards" to come in handy as well.

A. Wheeler says:

What happened to that tire @2:58?

Adam Davies says:

I would add:

– propshaft universal joint(s)
– relays (perhaps, can always steal from a non-essential system)
– Any electrical sensors that are small to carry but make you go nowhere if they fail (Crank Angle Sensor for me).

For any spare you take, make sure you have practiced doing the change at home, in the comfort of not-in-the-middle-of-nowhere.
– Remove and refit your serpentine belt.
– Remove, inspect, refit alternator / replace brushes.
– Know if you need any special tools for filters / bearings etc.

For many things if you ware worried about the part, replace it and keep the old one as a spare.

Another bonus of windscreen cleaner in a spray bottle is it means you can keep drinkable water in your washer reservoir for emergency use.

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