Our Travel Skincare & Fragrance Favourites + Luxury Beauty Giveaway

Our Travel Skincare & Fragrance Favourites + Luxury Beauty Giveaway

Came back from a day out with my family and decided to make this video on a complete whim. Please do leave a comment below if you’d like us to make more casual chatty videos – perhaps one on favourite suncreens and travel makeup next? πŸ™‚

GIVEAWAY RULES – to win a luxury beauty hamper just follow these 3 rules. Giveaway is open worldwide:

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2) Subscribe to our Youtube Channel

3) Leave a comment on this video telling us any ONE of your travel beauty essentials – we’d love some suggestions πŸ™‚ Don’t forget to include your Instagram user id in the comment

That’s it. We’ll announce the winner next week!


Savi’s skincare:
1) Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water
2) Clinique 3 step system cleaner for dry skin
3) Kose Softymo Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Cream
4) Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum
5) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser for Dry/Very Dry Skin
6) Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm

Vid’s Skincare:
1) Facewash – same as above
2) Clinique for Men Face Scrub
3) Palmer’s Original Cocoa Butter Formula
4) Lip Balm – same as above

Current favourite body moisturisers (keep changing!)
1) Aveeno daily moisturising lotion
2) Palmer’s cocoa butter formula lotion

Current Favourite Fragrances
1) Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Unisex Cologne
2) Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle Eau de Parfum
3) Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose Eau de Parfum
4) Jo Malone Green Almond and Red Currant Eau de Parfum
5) CK Obsession for Men
6) Versace Man Eau Fraiche Cologne

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Bruised Passports says:

Came back from a day out with my family and decided to make this video on a complete whim. Please do leave a comment below if you'd like us to make more casual chatty videos – perhaps one on favourite suncreens and travel makeup next? πŸ™‚

Sreedevi Sn says:

Sunscreen Lakme one and Nivea lipbalm….. @sreedeviprashanth

sejal shah says:

Hi Savi and Bid😍 I religiously follow you two in Instagram and just love love how the two of you are😘 thank you guys for sharing with us how the world looks like🀩 one thing that I never fail to carry while I travel is lipbalm and I am using neutrogena lip balm current.Instagram handle – sejrushhh

ekta b says:

Hi der. Love u both. My travel essential contains my fav neutrogena sunscreen, a moisturiser n my palmer's lip balm. My insta handle is @ bhartia.ekta

rashmi bhat says:

Hi, I liked how u guys travel light when it comes to skincare products. I believe in same mantra. My travel essential includes body shop strawberry lip balm and bodyshop cocoa butter body lotion.And that's about it! Instagram handle – rashmi.bhat91

Laxmi Patil says:

Hey Savi and vid. I m loving you guys, going through all videos because I recently came across of your Instagram profile, and next moment I followed you up everywhere.
The only one beauty essential I never forget to take is organic aloe vera gel, it's helps as a primer, moisturizer and if i get any injury on travel I can use it.. it actually got n number of benefits for hair , skin and body. It's a great savior from me. Plus it goes well with all types of skin..
I love the way you guys. Thank you so much for making me believe that couples like you guys exist. So much happy that I found you guys..
Thank you so much. Love You.
Instagram handle- laxmimpatil

Vyshnava Datta Mulukuntla says:

I have been following you guys past few months. I'm impressed and I wish some day I do the way you travel around the world.

neha6789 says:

I always carry my Garnier make up wipes with me, they are extremely conveniant to use at the end of the day when u are too lazy/tired to get up and clean your face..plus wet wipes are a lifesaver any time of the day when u want to feel fresh..I also carry nail polish remover wipes..easy to remove nail polish when on a run! πŸ™‚
Instagram handle : neha_nagpal

Pratiksha Surpuriya says:

Hello Savi and Vid!
Thank you for the amazing photos/ videos and descriptive notes. One travel essential for me is a deodorant/ anti-perspirant and I would highly recommend Schmidt's Charcoal Magnesium Natural Deodorant. And this is because I think it's important to recognise the fact that how you smell is also a part of your beauty!
Instagram id: @pratikshasurpuriya
Happy travels! πŸ™‚

Aditi Ramachandra says:

I love the Clinique take the day off make up remover as well. Doesn't damage the skin after a day out and leaves you very fresh. Ive used it everywhere I travel πŸ™‚ Insta ID – @dtrmchndr

Disha jain says:

Hey..just love your videos..you guys are an inspiration for so many people out there..
My skincare travel essentials are eos lipbalm and neutrogena sunscreen..cant go anywhere without these two..love you guys
Instagram id: dishajain20

Chandana S Gowda says:

My skin is very sensitive and it's so weird. Ppl usually ask me if I've applied blush but no! It's just how my skin looks, I've pink cheeks so mositurizer is a must for me. I still haven't found a perfect skin cream though:( and yes lip balm is a must while travelling.
PS: I love you guysπŸ’•

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