Our Favorite Travel Vloggers with Dutchified

Our Favorite Travel Vloggers with Dutchified

Who are some of the good travel vloggers out there on youtube? Let us know! Today I am with Dutchified who specializes in traveling and visiting Amsterdam and The Netherlands. He is a great honest traveler and well worth watching. So Check him out and let us know some other great travelers you know!
Filmed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Street Food in Amsterdam by Dutchified

How to Eat Herring in The Netherlands by Dutchified

USA Today & 10Best’s #1 Independent Travel Videographer 2014

FlipKey by TripAdvisor Top 10 Travel Bloggers 2014

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Brinni Leo says:

I enjoy GeographyGo on Geography Now.

Undead Rider says:

They're new but I have enjoyed the videos by Chubby and Away.

Mc Kenna says:

Nice to meet you, Dutchified.

cesar octavio moreno zayas says:

I like also Alanxelmundo his videos are great

hittingtax26 says:

Is that a houseboat?

Rob Buglass says:

I'm a huge fan of a couple of American couples , Kara & Nate , they are in & around Peru at the moment and The NYC couple , they are in Bali at the moment . Both couples do good helpful content .

Rob Buglass says:

I went to Amsterdam with 2 fellow Englishmen and 1 Welsh friend , we stopped at the lights for Car & tram . My eager Welsh friend then decided to cross and a lady on a bike flew into him . Both went flying in the air , he gets up dazed and shouts " sorry sorry I'm English . BEWARE of bikes !!! We spent the next hour reminding our eager mate he is Welsh !!!!

mgtdgirl says:

the endless adventure.

Andrew Hemingway says:

vagabrothers are good a bit hipster but the advice is good

Ethan says:

Feather and the wind

Dutchified says:

Thanks for the shout out. It was great working with you.

Michi Holmes says:

Sorelle Amore for Island!!! ??

Tommaso Tirelli P. says:

"Gabriel Traveler" is THE best budget travel vlogger: he's been all over the world, no sponsors, no fancy places, just low expenses 🙂

Owen Sluis says:

I advise to check the budgeteers out!

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