Our Drone Is GONE! – Tbilisi Georgia Travel Vlog

Our Drone Is GONE! – Tbilisi Georgia Travel Vlog

Americans Living in Tbilisi Georgia. Taking a taxi in Tbilisi, shipping with DHL in Tbilisi.

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disney life duo says:

Watching you guys while at the airport!

Hur Guler says:

Have you guys heard about the problems with Qatar? Check out the Google news.

David M says:

Flying into Doha? Magnificent airport! Enjoy the 5-star accommodation.

Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU says:

LoL what kind of driver that ? America America America….. 🙂 LOL.

mithaweed says:

wow the development in the city is impressive…the airbnb is so cute…safe sleepy travels to the well deserved fancy hotel!

Giorgi Kvernadze says:

The area you are in doesn't have that many crosswalk because of obvious reasons and those roads you showed aren't meant to be crossed by foot

Sener S says:

On what days you will be in Qatar?

David Dvali says:

Very interesting vlog!

Salma feroz ali says:

Ashley you are super cute.

Halil İbrahim DEMİR says:

Güle güle

btenn4 says:

Hi Josh and Ashley! My mom and I are very big fans of all your videos, we watch every day and we wish to meet you both someday. We live in Michigan but are from Romania. You both do such an amazing job on your videos and love all of the places you showed us while traveling. I just wanted to ask out of curiosity if either of you went to college, and what you majored in? Please I am really curious to know. Can't wait to see your next videos!

Robert Dominguez says:

Hi guys. I can't way for your videos from Qatar. By the way you pronounce the t is a t

Musfiqe Bayramli says:

Come to my lovely country Azerbaijan, near Georgia

Dairuna says:

I also want to travel around one day 😛
amazing vlog!

Kara and Nate says:

Georgia looks awesome! When will you be in Estonia?!

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