OAXACA FOOD VLOG | Tlayudas, Tamales, Mezcal + The BEST Food In MEXICO! | Travel Vlog

OAXACA FOOD VLOG | Tlayudas, Tamales, Mezcal + The BEST Food In MEXICO! | Travel Vlog

Join me for a day in Oaxaca City in the Oaxaca region of Mexico! Mexico is famous for its food and Oaxaca may just have the BEST food in Mexico. Oaxaca is known in particular for its coffee, its chocolate and its mezcal – three of the best things to eat and drink in Mexico! – so you know your tastebuds are in for a treat when you visit.

In this travel vlog, I have 24 hours in Oaxaca and I want to try all the best Mexican food and famous foods from the Oaxaca region of Mexico.

We start the day with a breakfast of Tamales, which is a popular Mexican street food made of corn, and a Oaxacan hot chocolate. Then I need a caffeine fix so we head to an amazing cafe in one of the main squares of Oaxaca City. For lunch, we head to Mercado 20 de noviembre and try tlayudas. Tlayudas are like a cross between a giant taco and a pizza, and they’re delicious but VERY messy! Finally, we head to a restaurant on the main square of Oaxaca (apparently named the best restaurant in Oaxaca!) for some mole and Oaxacan style chicken wings. We finish of the night at a mezcal bar called La Mezcalerita, where I have a very interesting grasshopper margherita.

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Tony Turner says:

Another lovely video, Jodie. Love to know from whom you inherited your appetite!!

Phillip Citizen Johnson says:

Nice post Jodie…. An enjoyable watch on a Sunday!

paul sparkes says:

Nice video, but your lunch was bigger than you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ never thought of going to Mexico but now with yours and Brendan’s video it’s no my list!!! Thanks for the infoπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

scotty4418 says:

i'm not Mexican lol….classic response

What a super episode Jodie, totally nailed it with the video and music. Love how you and Brendan are showing parts of the country that normally dont feature in holiday brochures or as well known as travel destinations.

Do you see yourself getting more into photography to compliment your vlogging as you go about your travels as Im sure you know someone with a 5d Mark iv that could support that plan πŸ™‚

henrik rosen says:

I got so hungry now. Great vlog.

vanlife-tog says:

Great video Jodie, really capturing the flavour of the local life. Thanks

Mark Walden says:

Your face with that grasshopper drink did make me smile, rather you than me Jodie lol

Lee Young says:

That is the biggest yummiest taco I have ever seen, and looks fun to eat. You are funny! Have fun and keep up the good work. Love it! Tell Brendan Hello!

Photografia Australis says:

Grasshoppers through a straw…mmm…"It's different!" you say. I guess what you were trying to say is that this magarita sucked…lol…I must also confess, I should stop watching your vlogs at 5 am. All that great food, especially that enormous pizza thing made me very very hungry and lunch time is sooo sooo far away. Love the vlog. Greg

goldrace10 says:

Your videos are always interesting and I will be looking forward to the South West section of America !

david nassur says:

The adventure continues … Love it!

Edward Lee says:

Nice video Jodie.

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