Norway Destination Marketing Travel Videography

Norway Destination Marketing Travel Videography

AND we’re in NORWAY!!! Super pumped to be exploring a new country and on a pretty incredible Destination Marketing campaign #FjordSecrets in the heart of Fjordland, Western Norway.

For the next 6 days I’m travelling with Rob from Stop Having a Boring Life ( and Janicke from Norske Reiseblogger (

I am commissioned to make three videos highlighting the experiences possible in the region and to help market the destination internationally. This video is sort of a BTS of that production process 🙂

Hope you like it and thanks for watching!!!


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chuckyzzz says:


BRC Render says:

Como siempre, tu trabajo impecable! Felicitaciones!

Lian Ison says:

Amazing views and waterfalls!Videos that I watched from your channel are always awesome,still catching up from your previous ones.Good day!

Arild Lennart Rognes says:

Witch fjord are you in?

Lynn Moore says:

Magnificent video Greg! I really found a lot of this footage breath taking! The water falls were so beautiful to see ,can only imagine how powerful the must have been to be standing there before them! Thanks for sharing & really looking forward to seeing you in the next one!

FreddieWarr says:

Bloomin' hell Greg! EVERY shot in this video is INCREDIBLE!
Such a catchy song at the start-whats it called?

Stop Having a Boring Life says:

Nice! Great video bro and always a pleasure working with you!

Albi Doo says:

Woah very cool video! Hey, what kind of gimbal or stabilizer are you using for your camera? I can sort of see the shadow of it on your shirt when your talking to the camera and walking. I was just looking for something similar on Amazon yesterday.

Bradley Weghorst says:

Awesome video! I was in the fjords around 1996 while in the navy and we had a brief visit in Stavanger. What I remember most was freezing my backside off (it was Jan or Feb) while taking in the raw beauty of the area. After seeing this a summer trip to the region is definitely on the list! Safe travels!

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