Travel doesn’t always go to plan. Vlogging doesn’t always go to plan. And on this day in New Orleans, nothing really went to plan.

New Orleans was one of the cities I was most excited to see in the United States. @brendanvanson and I set aside a whole day to explore New Orleans and enjoy everything the city’s French Quarter has to offer.

But that just didn’t happen.

We both had a lot of work to do in the morning and by the time we finished, the storm was starting to set in. Even though we dodged most of the rain, there was a strange vibe in the air in New Orleans.

We were in New Orleans a few days before the start of Mardi Gras 2018 and it was eerie to see how quiet the streets were. There were beads and the three colours of Mardi Gras everywhere – but not very many people in sight.

So I didn’t really get to see New Orleans. I didn’t get a feel of the atmosphere in New Orleans.

And that kind of sucks – but just one of those things that happens when you’re working on the road and travelling fast.

There will still be plenty more USA vlogs and travel videos coming up over the next couple of weeks (and hopefully things won’t go so wrong in those!).

As always, thanks for watching and joining me on this journey!



Mark Calvin Cubar says:

your voice is so sweet

Scottman895 Travel says:

I really need to check out New Orleans sometime! I am glad you decided to upload the New Orleans vlog despite the challenges you encountered with work and your illness. As what Brendan said in one of his videos, it shows how authentic and true your experiences are. When I sprained my foot back in Croatia in May, I did not hide the fact that I sprained it (although I did not film myself spraining it) and I had to slightly alter the rest of my trip around it a little as it occurred halfway through the trip. It shows a reality that unexpected things can happen (but not always). I'm glad you got to do some sightseeing there and have a great time! As what I always say, it always gives you a good reason to come back! Great job with the video!

Bill Hiskett says:

Well done for uploading Jodie, it can't always be perfect and your bound to get back there at some time I am sure. I like how you didn't blame BvS for getting the wrong tram 😀

Lynn Moore says:

Sorry things didn't go as planned but you still made the best of it. I hope both of you recovers from your illness completely asap. Take care & thanks for sharing & as always I look forward to seeing you in the next one!

John Summerfield says:

About 18 months Senior Daughter and her husband took Mrs S and. Me to Exmouth (from Mandurah) and back. It was an interesting trip, but I think it would be better to drive for two to three hours, book in and spend a day of two or three looking around.

Always, there is more to see and do than you have time for.

Photografia Australis says:

Get well soon guys…xxx

Someone says:

Hey.. I got the same backpack.

S J says:

Even if things did not go to plans you have at least a very good reason to come back to New Orleans

Tony Turner says:

You’re too hard on yourself, Jodie. It was a most enjoyable vlog. Especially liked the look on your face when eating your starter and suddenly finding it was toooo hot!! Was that the temperature or the hot spices? Hope you are both soon feeling OK.

Char Y says:

Thank you for Sharing! Loving your vlogs!!

david nassur says:

Whoopee first again! Can I get some extra credit? Love your vlog!

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