NBA Players good at other SPORTS!

NBA Players good at other SPORTS!

Did you know Stephen Curry is a pro soccer player?

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Vladimir Jitaru says:

The biggest ball hog in soccer is ronaldo you've probably never heard of him he isn't very good

Sebastian dare P. Ramirez says:

3:09 Bron does that in the NBA too

Cash2K says:

How are the nuggets a “mess” moron

Landon Emery says:

Troy you should react to leek jack roast compalation

Mitch Mco says:

That high school football player was AI

DrTwoFive says:

All these European players good at soccer😂

DrTwoFive says:

Troy there’s a 6 foot 9 hockey player named Zdeno Chara on the Boston bruins

RealHighlights says:

you play bball real bad dude hahahaha suck

bob Hamilton says:

Zndeyo chara is like 6 9


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PinkCircleO8 says:

Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins is 6'9".

Sam Swartz says:

No Chris Paul and bowling wtf

Alec Bayeur says:

lol Dirk aint good at tennis, he almost played pro

Heath Haney says:

I can't believe it. I skipped Chris Paul

Gaming X says:

Messi ball hog 😂

sean finn says:

Glory hunter is a ball hog in football ( soccer)

Snarp 1 says:

Troydan do if georgie was black it parody PLSSS!!!!

TheColbra says:

Curry kind of played in a professional golf tournament…

Brian Huang says:

They should have put gold for curry

Ball Deep In The Bacon says:

Crochet? Troydan is borderline fucking retarded


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Knowle Austin says:

Troydaddy subscribed to a fake jake paul account.


moh buckets says:

ball hog in soccer Ronaldo

Bob Bob says:

Tim Duncan swimming

mattchoo says:

Ball hog in soccer lol

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