My Travel Photography Salary April 2017

My Travel Photography Salary April 2017

Like every month, I divulge my travel photography salary.
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It’s the end of another month. Or, at least it was a couple days ago. So, it’s time to once again come at you with the monthly round up. As always, I feed you guys my monthly travel epic as well as give you my income and travel photography salary stats.
As I mentioned in the video, I’m not sure there’s such thing as a travel photography salary. To me, the word salary means that it’s consistent every month, like a paycheck that’s always the same number. As a traveling photographer, most of us are work on a freelance basis, or at least on contracts that are short term. So, a better term might be a travel photographer’s income.
Semantics, I know, but it’s probably best to clear up the fact that travel photographers don’t just work in an office and then go out and shoot. It’s not like in the movies. It’s much more wide open and less structured than that.
In the field, people always ask me “who do I work for?” But, like I think almost every travel photographer out there, I work for myself. I do projects for clients, but essentially, I’m my own boss.
Being a freelance travel photographer isn’t the most steady source of income. But, it is a lot of fun. And, I love the freedom that comes along with it.
In this episode, like all the monthly round-ups, I bring out the income octopus and breakdown my income as a travel photographer. As usual, it fits into 8 tentacles, err, categories: editorial, commerical, social, stock, vlog, blog, assignments, and affiliate/misc. Of course, those aren’t the only forms of income for travel photographers, they are just my most common ones.
Tomorrow, I’ll be back to the regular travel photography vlogs. I’m still in Freiburg, Germany. Tomorrow I’m heading to Basel, Switzerland to pick up a rental car so I can explore with a bit more freedom. See you there!



Brendan van Son says:

Mother photographers! I've started a facebook group for our little community. Over there, we'll have photo critiques, social media support for all of you, and we'll manage meet-ups and other things.
Join the community here:
Updates and an explanation on the community coming in a couple videos.

Samuel Montenegro says:

Brendan I wouldn't mind my expenses too if I got a chance to travel in Patagonia. A pure diversity of nature.

yodapoolman says:

When you have clients that buy the rights (ex: your editorial), are they bought from your site? How are you usually selling rights to your photos? For assignments, are you approached for those, or is that where you make marketing pitches?

Nomade Video says:

My Travel Photography Salary April 2017: 0€.

Ginger Photographer says:

New subscriber here – keep up the great job you're doing already!

Riku Norakari says:

Awesome video man! Really liked it. Keep them video comming. I hope you would get 100k subs soon. You deserve it!

Joseph Burn - Video Production says:

Just found your channel and subscribed, love the photography vlogs and as someone trying to become a travel photographer/filmmaker these breakdowns are really useful! Keep up the good work man!

James Moore says:

I wish I only spent 7 years for a doctorate. :/ On year 9 from nothing

Vegard The NerdyExplorer says:

Cool to see the vlog income go up ?

Khanh Tranvan says:

hey, Brendan
can you tell me which are good websites for landscape photography stock ?

Lian Ison says:

I know where you were sidetrack of your expenses in Patagonia,it's when you had the hotbath outside of your hotel jajaja..Anyhow your expenses must be all about food,gas and couple hostels.You and Greg spent most of your nights with Gandalf if not camping in the mountains with a view..

BenPx says:

Informative as always Brendan… Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to the next days… Have a good Time! Best Regards.

Jerrod Bearden says:

If you ever come to Birmingham Al hit me up!

Pedro Pinheiro says:

Thanks for sharing Brendan!!

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