My Father is Strange Final Episode Making Special [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.08.28]

My Father is Strange Final Episode Making Special [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.08.28]

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fraji48 says:

Really enjoyed, enjoying this drama will really miss it.

animetwilight75 says:

The last family drama I've watched was What happens to my family, and before that, Ojakgyo Brothers– but Father is Strange also takes the cake! <3 It was very good and heart-warming, I truly had a blast watching this. T.T I will really miss this drama.
It was wonderful, and it helped me value my family even more. I wish that everyone that watched this had also enjoyed it as well.
I hope us viewers will come together again for the next family-oriented drama that is released.
Thank you everyone, and thank you to the cast and team behind this amazing show.

Mawikim Touthang says:

the best drama of 2017..
love you all…

shuhana gorod says:

what episod is the last, eps 47?

Rocker Gyu says:

joonmin couple left a strong mark on us……thank u so min and lee joon for making us happy.

Claude Bramwell says:

One of the rare dramas that sustains its high quality of acting and writing from start to finish. No bad episodes. My Father is Strange should clean up at awards time.

Balqis Zack says:

i was anticipating the drama everyday.. kind of empty feel when its already ended. no more father is strange to wait :'( gonna miss everything about this drama. good casting, good directing, good storyline, good script… everything about this drama is good. NOPE! IT'S SUPER EXCELLENT DRAMA.

Miss Funaiya mensah says:

Lee Joon x Jung So Min, I definitely see a best couple award.

blosoom hyperty says:

this is very lovable drama i really like it thank u kbs

Naznin Islam says:

Is it really a coincedence that lee joon and so min wore matching outfits or was it planned!?'''

Sfwana Sazali says:

Gonna miss this drama so muchhhhh ❤️

Sfwana Sazali says:

Gonna miss this drama so muchhhhh ❤️

Rocker Gyu says:

JoonMin fighting….BEST COUPLE ever!!

Hannah Samuel says:

It saddens me I watched it half and the remaining half is not yet out in my state

Mahiro 10969 says:

Gonna miss this show!

Menard Sawal says:

it's true the role of JUNG SO MIN and Lee JOON provided much interest for viewers to always look forward to every episodes specially the latter part though Lee Yuri is also good she cannot claim all the credit in the drama's high ratings. Lee noon excellent acting be it the dramatic aspect and in the comedy scene is a blast. plus the superb acting of actors who portrayed the father and mother of the byun family. it's a collective effort not only of one actor but all of the cast who portrayed their role so well

Wonshangmi Awungshi says:

Lee Yuri ur the best…. 😘😘😘

Shin Hyo Bin says:

i love this drama so much..i cried when the drama was in the end~

itsBlong says:

This drama taught me lessons this summer… I'm gonna miss it.

IsaleGangan says:

If kbs are smart they'll write a 20 episode spin off for lee joon and somin to film right away before he goes into the armed forces for 2 years. It'll be the highest rated series ever. There's so many stories that can be told in the 3 to 6 months before the characters get married. I'll even write them an outline if they've got writers block. Lol. I don't need much money. Just pay me with toasted seaweed snacks. Lol.


Everyone played their characters very, very well. I am definitely going to miss this drama a lot. I feel like the first half of the drama consist of Hye Young and Jung Hwan's relationship but then the middle of the drama towards the end was about Junghui and Min Young + her dad and then the ending was mainly about the dad. I'm definitely going to miss my ultimate couple Junghui-MiYoung. I hope they win the best couple award at the KBS end of the year award. This drama was amazing, and I am definitely going to miss it, especially the cast. They were amazing in the drama, and I can feel that they were definitely like a family. Wishing them all the best in their future works. 🙂

Sheila Rizky says:

This is my first family drama that i've ever watched and i didnt expect that i'd enjoy it so much. Now when its ended, seeing the clips from the earlier eps i feel like rewatching it all over again just to ease my pain 😭

beatrice oteng says:

Best best family drama ever 😭😭😭😭sad it's ending

Junex 406 says:

Love this drama!!

Zyxng Dz says:

The bessst drama😍💙 i don't want to see the last ep😣💙

beatrice oteng says:

When you have already finished watching it and you can't get your eyes 👀 of the making ends

Lehini Hamesha says:

omg ! did we watch it for6 months ? it really didn't feel like it , I agree with all of them time went by and we didn't even feel it .

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