Most Underrated NBA Players 2017

Most Underrated NBA Players 2017

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The NBA was dominated and headlined by four players this season, and those four MVP candidates rightfully belong in a majority of the discussion given what they accomplished. Aside from the usual suspects, a handful of players made a strong impact on their teams success, even though the numbers were not astronomical.

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Sven Lesner says:


Rafael Suarez says:

James Johnson – SUPER underrated

justin lagrange says:

giannis mvp next two years

He Hate me says:

Avery bradleys overated he can't cover big shooting guards only pg

Jack M614 says:

Celtics going to the ECF like if you agree

Clint Zeeman says:

Nobody seems to ever mention George Hill in these type of video's. He's been one of those overlooked guards throughout his career because of the depht at the position you guys mentioned. The man has had a career year with 16.9 points, 47.7 FG%, 40.3 3pt% and a PER of 19.3 while still being one of the best defensive point guards in the league. And even though he was out with injuries for big parts of the season, he still was a big part in Uthas succes this season. Hope you guys give him a mention in the next clip. Keep up the entertaining videos!

Arrownoir says:

Most underrated player: LeBron James
Most overrated player: LeBron James

Isaiah James says:

I don't get their hype on Giannis, he's really good but the only thing he does that KD didn't already do is pass slightly better. His assists aren't wild or anything, they're passes most players should be able to make consistently. Not hating or anything, I'd just like somebody to explain

Brian Cromartie says:

Underrated: Jazz and Trailblazers entire roster
Overrated: Clippers entire roster

Manny 30 Curry says:


MsZeitgeist85 says:

How could you forget John Wall? The best Point Guard in the East. One of the best passers in the league. He's very underrated.

darell johnson says:

Tim Hardaway Jr.

Planet Zeal says:

Definitely Mike Conley. Not only has he reached an all star level of offensive play this year, but he has continued his all defensive defense to go along with it. He has a stat sheet that looks great AND still doesn't show the impact he has on the game.

Goat Lovers says:

Bledsoe, Rubio, Barnes, Batum, C.J, Warren, Middleton, Wilson Chandler, Gallanari, Hardaway Jr, Schroeder, Beal, Tobias, Morris Bros, James Johnston

The Man of the free life says:

How did y'all not talk about Jokic

Jan lololo says:

what about dennis schröder

Bling Bling says:

Lillard averaged 27,6,5 this season which people won MVP with those stats.
Bledsoe is as good as Conley if you look at it just look at them play.
Wall has averaged 23,10 with amazing defense which is Chris Paul good but he is getting overlooked by other seasons.
Davis everyone knows hes a great player but does anyone think of him as a top 3 player. He Averaged 28,12,2 blocks with top 5 defense in the league AS 23 (he is 24 now but this season he was pretty much mostly 23). Just think how good he will be at 27,28.
Gobert is overlooked to me he is better the DeAndre Jordan. they have similar stats just that Gobert is DPOY good.
McCollum has taken a big step and seasons before that is All-star good 23,3,3 is amazing but there is so much other great guards
Batum this guy doesn't put points in the 20s but he will have you a all around game with stats of 15,6,6 which I think is way better then 20,3,2

Zach Mccarthy says:

Elfrid Payton

Driftwood Stranger says:

Karl Anthony Towns (Just because a lot of casuals would put Jokic or Embiid ahead of him)

King Chomp says:

sixers best team in the league

Adam Moore says:

If there is a consensus that a player is underrated, then that player is not underrated

spongebobcoolman1 says:

Best defense players in this season, each position?

BALListic says:

Luc Mbah a Moute

Isaac Royal says:


Black Jesus says:

Durant is VERY underrated. So is Chris Paul.

ariel tchlenov says:

the goat JaVale McGee

Raj says:

You forgot Lavar Ball.

Nate Cramer says:

Gordon Hayward

Spaceghostnw _ says:


CarGeek .561 says:

I hope to god that Conley isn't on the list.Underrated yet just signed a max contract ??

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