MOROCCO TRAVEL: Is it Safe to Travel in Morocco?

MOROCCO TRAVEL: Is it Safe to Travel in Morocco?

Is it safe to travel in Morocco? Filmed on the streets of Marrakesh.
List of the most dangerous countries:
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Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys!

MOROCCO TRAVEL: Is it Safe to Travel in Morocco?



Cyrious says:

Any country any city is just as safe as the next unless it is a war zone (where practically we are all at war) but anyway. I have traveled for the last 10 years solo as a woman a black woman travel groups, not for work , no friend or spouse, just an independent traveler that is curious about the world….I consider myself street wise, intellectual, and not internationally ignorant to what to do and not to do.. If you're safety conscious in your own city you live you will be or expected to be safety conscious ANYWHERE. I am American and I don't know why we think it is just peaches and cream. I have had my fair share of "terrorist" attacks by Americans and black Americans ( I specifically said black Americans because we act like we are ONE but hey there are some bad apples that will get ya too and I saw comments about blacks being killed in US but all races do)..and…(by attacks meaning being robbed, physically/sexually attacked, scammed, you name it)..but hey life still goes on….so I do not compartmentalize where danger comes from I would be a fool… it is potentially everywhere.

Achraf Abm says:

Morocco is one of the most secure countries against terrorism in the world, more than the United States! And the people are very welcoming!

Erik Thureson says:

Keep up the good work!

Mathew Bradlow says:

l come from momrroco

Karan Ajmani says:

You mentioned India twice while wearing your 1$ Shiva T-shirt which you picked up from a filthy flea market in paharganj..goa..or Himachal ..where you probably enjoyed staying around junkies because that's "the India experience " ..spend some more money and live in the clean and Safe areas..every country has dirty unsafe areas..but Indians when they travel they dont look for shady areas to get the authentic experience…some of the tourists come to India to experience poverty and meet shady characters..(which btw are more in your country)..and completely overlook a majority of people who are living life much much better than majority of the poverty loving tourist who come here..showing and telling stories about a place where you lived among poor people doesn't make you a "real traveller "..if u really care about about such areas in country do something for that area before you leave..maybe make a small donation to the local school temple mosque church or help out a NGO..poverty tourism makes no sense why would one travel to live uncomfortably in an unhygenic environment..worst part is you are feeling proud about such weird!

Erik Folsom says:

I want to know there is law against the homosexuality in Morocco? if is it not allow my gay brother in Casablanca, Morocco? i just want to make sure I have to protect my own blood brother. I love him so very much. I just want him to havd joy times with me. Like we could have a good times for our memories.

Mouahbi Ayoub says:

everyone is welcome in our country.

Immortal 86 says:

I heard Fes is different, not so safe.

Annies El Hakim says:

Does anybody know what plug they use ? i use a british plug but not sure if it will work over their

Colin Clay says:

I have been both U.S.A and Morroco, and I know where I feel safer!
Make eye contact with anyone in Marrakesh, and it is seen as an invitation for them to follow you and demand money for some service they have not provided.
Was mugged once in the 3 days I was there and was told I was lucky??….Best time I had there was my last day which was spent in the airport departure lounge.

Clorox bleach says:

omg I'm Moroccan and I'm happy to see other people saying good things about it ๐Ÿ˜Œ

1000th journey says:

Good to know Morocco is safer than most of the countries in the world!

Marrakech Camel trips says:

Good video welcome to Morocco anytime

Warrior Within01 says:

How can you give a fuck how dangerous or safe places are , Do you not see the dangers living in America , its practically worse however , If you fuck with people on their turf your gonna get fucked , Africa is the Safest no matter what you say

Emily says:

Your videos are great and so informative!

Harry Cohen says:

you are too stiff and too square to fit in a cool country like morocco.ย  People get hurt in the west and north America much more than in Morocco.ย 
they don't have anti western sentiment however you exhibit anti Arab and anti Muslim sentiment.
typical of theย linear thinking from a brainwashed American.

johnh23z says:


be careful in Rif

Ahmed Abdelkamel says:

I hope you all know that America has very strong ties with Morocco dating back to the revolutionary war. Morocco was the first ever country to recognize America as an independent country.

casual says:

I am Arab Muslim Middle Eastern, what does that make me a terrorist? Fuck off man

LoL ReplayBaby says:

i was scared to travel to morocco cause i am white i thought maybe they hate european people. thx for the video

Tary Qiyam As-shafiyyah says:


Saloua sue_09 says:

now as a muslim girl is it safe for me to travel alone in the usa?

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